Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dancing with the Dust Motes

So facebook has this new application that creates a pretty picture, and randomly selects 10-15 of your status updates over the last year to create a status collage. And the first one in my collage was from the day I wantched my youngest son dancing with the dust motes in the sunlight in the living room (:

As soon as I saw that status update, I was instantly transported to that moment.

There was no music playing. And the front door was open to allow extra light to come in through the screen door windows. The sun was coming in brightly-- lighting up the dust motes from the couch that my boy had just jumped off. It was almost like watching glitter in a snow globe. And at that moment, my son noticed them-- and started to stir them up with his arms, jumping around, and giggling in complete joy. He started turning and spinning with his arms out to watch them swirl. He entertained himself with the dust motes for almost half an hour, completely in the moment of it-- and enraptured in the unexpected entertainment.

It reminded me that my father always used to say that I was a cheap date. 10 cents and photocopier could keep me entertained. A half filled bottle of water was almost an hour's worth of diversion. A quarter and a flat surface. Fallen leaves. Even the wind. I've always been easily entertained and amused. It still makes my husband smile at me to see me delighted over the simple things.

And it makes me happy to know that my children have inherited that gift.

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  1. It is the simple things in life that we must enjoy to the fullest. As adults it sucks because most of the time we are to busy to see them. Oh what I would give to be young and innocent again. Or a least given the opportunity to slow down.


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