Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feeling sentimental

Facebook is an interesting and addictive site. One of the most beneficial aspects is that it allows me to keep in touch with my sisters. My youngest sister, Amanda, is 17-- and madly in love with her boyfriend. They're going to get to see each other in three days and have had 'I miss you baby' and the like, status and comments for the last couple of days. Today's led me to comment on the ooey, gooey sweetness of their comments (; Well, my sister said she was sure it had been the same with Mark and I, and it got me thinking.

I've turned how Mark and I met into a bedtime story that my little boys absolutely love, and recently created an altered book to go along with it. I call it:

How I Met Your Father
--by Janin Wise

Once upon a time, in a village not that far away,

Janin, her sister Erin, her friend Abby, and their friend Roy used to ride a bus with bullies on it. The bullies were mean, they said mean things, threw gum in people's hair and made people cry. One day, Roy asked if they would like to ride a different bus--one without any bullies on it. And Janin said, "Yes." So the next school day, Janin, Erin, Abby and Roy walked a couple of blocks further than they normally did,

to ride the bus without any bullies on it.

And as we were standing there, I looked up, and saw the most beautiful red headed boy, standing next to this tall Asian boy.

And do you know who the beautiful red headed boy was? (To which my boys chime in, "Daddy!")
That's right! And do you know who the tall Asian boy is? (To which they reply, "Uncle Roger!" (who is my husband's best friend.))
That's right!

And -that- my loves, is the story of how Mommy and Daddy met.

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