Sunday, December 20, 2009


There are a lot of things I didn't care for about President Bush, but one he was frequently riled for, that I actually appreciated, was making up words.

I'm a great fan of making up words. Two of my mother's favorites from when I was a child are 'earballs' and "being haved."

The first came about because I had some pretty nasty allergies as a child, so my eyes were frequently itchy. One day, I said that I hated it that my eye balls were running (they were so itchy, I'd been tearing up). It also happened that my ears were draining, so in frustration, I said, "It's bad enough that my eyeballs are running, but now my earballs are running too!"

And whenever we were out in public, my mother frequently told us to, "Behave!"... One day, when I was about 5, after a long day of following her around, in frustration, I responded, "I'm BEING haved!" To which my mother laughed, and the term stuck. My kids use it (lol).

Words have frequently been a source of blogs for me. Here's one of my old ones:

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Or "I have an addiction".

I've always loved words and word games. Scrabble is one of my all time favorite board games. I love putting words right next to other words so it makes a series of two letter words as well. Even better if I can do it while pluralizing another word (;

But in the last couple of months, after I found Facebook, I quickly came across Facebook's game applications....

Now, let me say I've been patiently waiting for my boys to get older, learn how to read and learn how to spell, so we can play Scrabble. (lol)

But in the meantime-- I can now play with my friends on-line, and even complete strangers! Or play solo games if I just want to practice.

...and I do. Daily. Seriously. Pathwords. Scramble. Twirl. Love, love, LOVE them!
And I was on fire with words last night!!!

But I was quickly reminded, as I headed to bed, of one of the problems I have with really getting into the words games... My mind doesn't stop when I step away from the game. I start picking up random words in my mind and rearranging them, playing with them, thinking.... I even dreamed about words last night. As I drifted off to sleep, the word crossing my mind was Relay...which led to the title of this blog...

I wonder if there's a 12 step program for verbomania? Did you even know there's a word for an obsession with words? (lol) It probably goes hand in hand with being a bibliophile, after all, books are absolutely filled with words. (;

I've even come across other verbomanics confessions! I like this one best:

"It's true: I am a full-blown Verbomaniac. Unfortunately, there is no medication for this addiction. The only thing that satisfies the mania is full on submersion: diving into a pool full of four and five syllable words, splashing nouns and verbs against me, as I blow bubbles of alliteration and palindromes."

...Works for me Doctor Angry Office Manager!

Pathwords!, Twirl!, Scramble! Here I come baby!!! (;
Here's another one from my youngest son, a year ago, shortly after he turned three:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So what do these two have in common, other than being creations of books put to screen?
And starting with the letter "M". And being three syllables long. (lol)
They're two words my youngest son has started saying! I'm not even sure where he picked them up and we pretty much spend our time together. But we've neither watched Spiderwick Chronicles nor Dune lately. To be honest, we've only watched Spiderwick once, and that was over a month ago. And, as far as I know, he's NEVER seen Dune!

Muadib is something he says when he's imagining to himself. I can't tell if it's the name of someone he's imagining, the name of some-thing- he's imagining, or an act that someone or something he's imagining is doing. And Mulgarath is what he calls sneezes. (lol)

One that my oldest created when he was 5 is "misunderstaken"-- meaning, not only did he misunderstand, but he was also wrong.

I think my love for creating words was obvious, as far back as 10, when I had a nightmare about it.

I dreamed that I had used up all of my words, and could no longer communicate. No, I don't mean that I'd lost my voice and had gone mute-- though I couldn't speak. I mean that I dreamed that I had used my lifetime allotment of words, and had no more. I couldn't speak. I couldn't write. I couldn't read. I had no more words left to use.

I woke up screaming, and when my mother dashed in to check on me, I was crying, "I've used up all my words! I've used up all my words!" I was so relieved when she pointed out to me that I was speaking and it had just been a dream.

So what brought on this flood of word related memories? This morning, Mississippi and Tennessee Williams were on my mind.

I absolutely loved it the day I learned Mississippi could be spelled, "M-I-double S-I-double S-I- double P-I".

But I realized that similar could be done with Tennessee Williams: "T-E-double N-E-double S-double E, Double you (okay, 'W')-I-double L-I-A-M-S".

It made me smile and I felt the need to share it. (:

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