Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This morning, my friend Melissa shared a link on Facebook to a CNN article that discussed whether or not 2009 was really as fatal to the famous people as it seemed.

Though I know that over time that the link is likely to go dead, so here's the general gist: Britney Murphy died this year, among, what seems like, a slew of stars. But there are a lot of people who don't even know who she is. The general conclusion of the article is that no more famous people died this year than any other year-- but thanks to social networking sites, everyone talks about them and the news media follows the public's trend so it ends up seeming bigger than it is.

This evening, my friend Mike updated his status to read: Quote of the week "Wow, you proliferate through the web like a fast acting Fungal ointment."

Between the two of them, I got the crazy idea to Google myself.

Before I go further, I will say it certainly helps to have an unusual name.

Having said that, I learned that every friend I have on Facebook and MySpace is a link to me. Every comment I have left on any public domain-- be it emails, social networks, book reviews, online purchases-- a variety from all of them pulled up with this simple search.

I learned that I can be google image searched... and -found-.

Pretty much anything I've done online in the last 10 years can be traced with a few key clicks.

You can find me on e-Bay. Amazon. Classmates. MySpace. Facebook. The SCA. And at the colleges and schools I have attended. The honors I've received. The events and shows I've attended or participated in.

To be honest, it's a little frightening how much can be pulled up about me in the public domain. Even -with- privacy settings.

Knowing my address, via Google 'street view'-- you can even see my house, my car-- my CHRISTMAS LIGHTS from 2 year ago!

Four years ago, when I joined MySpace, I searched my first name, just because I was curious if there were other people who had the same-- and I -might- have pulled up a single page worth of information. NONE of it was actually me. A quick search for me pulled up no results at all.

But tonight, I pulled up over 26 pages that were all, very specifically, related to me.

And I'm no star by any stretch of the imagination.

So I'm left wondering, with the amazing advances in technology and social networking-- are we, perhaps, becoming over connected?

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