Saturday, January 2, 2010

6 Degrees of Movie Renting

So my husband teases me because I always rent at least 4 movies at a time-- and when I do, they're always connected somehow. Sometimes, it's obvious-- all children's movies. All romance. All action.... But not usually.

Usually, I have no idea that they're connected. Until we watch them all, and then Mark laughs at me because, lo and behold-- they're all connected.

Here's this weekend's movie list: 9, All About Steve, 500 Days of Summer, Terminator Salvation, The Hangover and G-Force.

Okay, so you probably immediate see the connection between 9 and G-Force. Both kid's movies with miniature heroes against killer machines. Also, obvious connection between All About Steve and 500 Days of Summer-- both comedic romances where only one partner is actually interested.

Here's where it gets interesting. 9 and Terminator Salvation are both post apocalyptic man vs. computer movies. 9 is the world of Terminator-- if John Connor failed years ago.

All about Steve and The Hangover are both comedies that star the actor, Bradly Cooper. I have to admit, until we watched The Hangover-- I thought I might have broken my tendency to connect the movies. But as soon as we saw him, Mark laughed at me.

So how do you connect all the adult movies with the kids movies?


The human factor in G-Force is played by Zach Galifianakis.

...Who also stars in The Hangover. (;

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