Friday, January 8, 2010

"And they all DIED."

So the two previous blogs were background story so that THIS post would only be a story, and not an epic story long (;

It all started last night, when my boys requested a repeat of a story I made up for them about a year ago. They absolutely adore my popsicle stories, and having heard this one first, have since created many of their own.


--by Janin Wise

Once upon a time, there was a box of popsicles. They were comfortably frozen in their subzero home and had adjusted to a life of being inanimate in the dark. All, that is, except for the youngest popsicle. He was discontent with his lot in life and wanted to know what was beyond the freezer door.

So one day, while the rest of the popsicles were sleeping, he snuck out of the box, across the frozen waste land and out the door, shutting it tight behind him.

He was ASTONISHED at what he saw! Why! There was LIGHT! And COLOR! And SOUND! And he began exploring his new surroundings. As he traveled, he found himself getting warmer and warmer, and figured it was because he simply wasn't used to all this exercise, so he opened up his white plastic jacket and let it fall behind him as he continued to drink in the sights of the world around him.

It was filled with things he had never seen. He couldn't believe there was so many things in the world! And he look forward to returning home to tell him family and friends about his grand adventure.

As he daydreamed about the stories he would regale them with, and the applause and cheering that would accompany his heroic tales, he was perspiring at a terrible rate. Before he realized that was happening, he had begun to melt away. He made a desperate dash across the table towards his jacket and his winter home-- but to no avail. He melted right there on the spot and died, leaving nothing but a stick and a sticky puddle.

Now, back at home, his two best friends were wondering what happened to him, for they had seen him sneak out through the frozen lands, and they thought he'd been away for far to long, so they decided to go searching for him.

They had just begun their travels across the Arctic wasteland that lay beyond the safety of their box, when they were blinded by a terrible bright light! As one fell to the ground covering his eyes, his companion was snatched from the freezer by a terrible beast!

He was ripped from his jacket and devoured almost whole-- nothing left of him save his wooden stick! And his companion had witnessed the WHOLE thing!

Oh the horror! Oh the terror! He had just seen his friend die a terrible, merciless, senseless death! And he was sure that his other friend had met an equally terrible fate. So he dashed back home as fast as his stick could carry, into the safety of his box--

Only to find! Where was his sister? Where were his little brothers? Where were his parents?

He was distressed and alarmed to find that the box was -EMPTY-!!!

As he huddled alone in his box, shivering at the terrible things he had witnessed-- he could not begin to imagine what had happened to everyone else.

But you see, while he was watching his friend be devoured, another pair of sneaky beasts, with their dreaded 5 tipped pinchers (wriggling my hands at my boys) had crept in and snatched every other popsicle from the box!

They had been eaten, everyone!

And they all DIED! The end!

(Through out the entire telling, my boys' eyes got bigger and bigger and they huddled closer and closer together until I got to the end. Then, there was a brief pause.... they both giggled... and started making up their own Popsicle tales.) (:

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