Friday, January 22, 2010

Bob Riley and

Okay, so this probably isn't going to matter to anyone outside of Alabama-- and perhaps, not even to anyone outside of the Wiregrass area, but recently, on 231 South of Dothan, they created an entertainment destination called Country Crossing.

Now, the big hubbub has been over them having electronic Bingo machines. First, I need to mention that Alabama, being deep in the bible belt, is a blue law state. No alcohol sold on Sundays, no gambling, no importing alcohol and a vast variety of other things from other states.

And Governor Bob Riley is touting himself as the anti-gambling Governor. What? Our schools need more money and more room and the local high school has sewage backing up in it's drinking fountains, you say? (Insert your local Alabama government related concern here.) Nah. Shutting down electronic Bingo games is WAY more important. SO important that we're going to focus the general election and all current meetings on it.

It's been going on all month. I get to listen to it as part of my news on my drive to school each day. And my station of choice is

Before I can get the real reason for this blog, I want to share one last link:

that deals with the motivation for Bob Riley jumping so hard on Country Crossing. There is a LOT of aligation that he's involved with casino gambling on the reservations, and closing Country Crossings is a payoff.

So, all of this back story is to tell you about one of the biggest reasons I listen to 99.7 as I head in to school in the morning. I absolutely adore "The Morning Mind Bender" with John Houston and Amy D.

This morning, the clue was (and I'm paraphrasing because they haven't posted it to their website yet) "Experts are saying this is our biggest kept secret, but Native Americans have known about its beneficial properties for years."

....And at this point, John Houston quipped, "Gambling".

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