Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vivid Dreaming and Art

When I was a child, old enough to write (though not necessarily old enough to spell), I started keeping a dream journal by my bed so that I could try to capture my dreams as I first awoke. I actually kept that up well into my first couple of years of college, and now, only do it on the very rare occasion. That's mostly related to time. I have a lot more to DO once I wake up, now that I'm both a grown up and a mother. And time seems to work inversely once you do-- you have almost infinite amounts when you're younger-- and seem to be constantly chasing the extra hour when you're an adult.

When I was a kid/teenager/ young adult, those journals were FILLED with my vivid dreamings. Those are what I call the dreams that are so realistic and full and active that it's -almost- like waking up from nightmares, even though they aren't scary. Even more rarely, but still pretty common, I dreamed in art. Sometimes, I would merely describe these images with words-- as that was all I needed to see it again. And sometimes, I would make quick sketches with notes so I could actually make the art.

Last night was such a night. It's probably why I'm up at 6 this morning. I dreamed of my painting idea. We've been assigned a self portrait on a 12x12 canvas. The directions specify that there has to be -some- physical representation of ourselves-- but that we're free to fill the free space with what ever we wish.

When Ms. Allen opened up the plastic and showed us the 12 by 12 canvas, I found myself sitting up straighter with the words, "Oooo!" sounding in my head and my fingers itching to start. The first thing I intend to do is tip my canvas 45 degrees.

I'm not going to go into details about the image I hope to make, just in case it doesn't turn out as I have planned (; But the point of the dream wasn't the things in the image-- I was working through my colors and layout in my sleep (: It even went so far as dreaming whether or not I want to frame it, and what I want to do with the frame (:

And so this blog ends with a teaser as I get off the computer to work on my sketches.... After all, they woke me up (;

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