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The 3 hour Thanksgiving Prep

Friday, November 23, 2007

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Yup. You read it right. I started at 11 this morning and we ate at 1 this afternoon. But how is this possible?!? you ask.

Mu ha. Mu ha ha ha!

Planning (grin). And buying a boneless ham and deep frying the turkey.

I remember the first time I did Thanksgiving "by myself" 8 years ago. Made my pumpkin pies the night before. Got up at 5 to do the prep work and get the ham and turkey in the oven... the following year was the first that Mark deep fried our turkey, and baby, we are NOT going back! First, it's juicier, moister, tastier...and a hell of a lot faster to cook! 1 1/2 hours is the average from heating the oil to done for a 14 lb. turkey.

So what was on this '3 hour' menu? you ask.

Deviled eggs, antipasta, turkey, ham, greenbean casserole, rice dressing, sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, candied yams, rolls and pumpkin pie.

I cheated. I bought the pumpkin pie already made (LOL). Having had plenty of it 2 weeks ago when I made one from scratch, just wasn't going to fuss with it this time around (grin).

Then, I sat down, figured out how long it would take to cook everything, and PLANNED what to do in order (Yeah. I'm proud of me (LOL) Woohoo! Orginizational skills a must.)

And believe me, I didn't stop -once- from the time I started at 11 to the time we all sat down to eat at 3.... now, I just have to figure out how to downsize the portions. Really, I end up cooking for 15-20...and there's only 5 of us.

At least the leftovers will be tasty (grin).

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