Wednesday, June 9, 2010

5 Degrees of Separation

or "If Klimt Did Otters".

This assignment began with us being told to prime 6 -small- board canvases. I chose the 5" x 7". Then, we were told to choose on of our all time favorite, well know artist's images and print a copy out. The first image was to recreate it as closely as possible.

I chose Klimt's Three Ages of Woman, the Mother and Child Detail. The funny thing is that Klimt is NOT my all time favorite artist, his Three Ages of Woman has always been so interesting to me, but not something I -liked-. HOWEVER, I have always absolutely LOVED the Mother and Child Detail that's pulled from the image. I have it framed in our bedroom, in fact. I bought the poster well over a decade ago. To be honest, it's the ONLY famous print I own, so I figured it definitely qualified for the requirement of the assignment.

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Here are 2 copies, one with flash to show the colors, and one without the flash to show the detail, of my copy of the original. I learned a LOT in the process of trying to reproduce Klimt. The man is an absolute MASTER of glazes and painting in multiple thin layers. I had to look at his image over and over, and I could -see- the layers underneath. I actually had to think a lot about putting this piece together before I even started applying paint! And I had no idea it would take as long as it did to do it (lol). I had to let each layer dry before I could begin working on the next. All in all, I would say that there are up to 9 layers in some areas.

And I was pleased to see I could do hands and faces as well as I did. Having Klimt as a guiding teacher, as it were, certainly helped!

So, we get our reproduction made-- and THEN we learned what the rest of the assignment was. It was a transformation project. The idea was to change each canvas a little bit-- but any changes you made, you had to keep and continue to progress throughout the canvases. So that by the time you get to the last canvas, it's -extremely- different from the original.

You may have noticed I said we had to prepare 6 canvases. You might also have noticed this blog is called -5- degrees of Separation (; When we get near the end, I'll tell you more about it.

Well, right after she told us, my face went -completely- blank. I had NO idea what I was going to do! Then two of my classmates suggested either turning it into myself and my sons (but I'd done plenty of images of all 3 of us, I didn't want to do that), or to turn it into an animal. That's when the light went off over my head and I knew -exactly- what I was going to do!!

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This is my second canvas. I've made the people darker, changed the background to green, begun to change the shape of the items on the top, and started to turn the baby. Even at this stage, I had a -definite- plan to where I was going when it was all said and done (:

This is my third canvas, in room light and with the flash. The transformation of them is REALLY obvious at this point. No, they're -not- monkeys (; The background is now blue, the shapes on top are still progressing, and not the infant is facing forward.

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The transformation between canvas #2 and #3:

The first three canvases, side by side:

With canvas #4, I'm getting closer to the finished piece. The fish are starting to really emerge at the top, the greens are becoming kelp, and the animals are starting to look like what they are.

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The first four with the fifth canvas in progress:

And canvas #5-- it turned out -exactly- like I had in mind when I first had the idea. A mother and baby otter, floating among golden kelp, with green kelp and fish around them. But what I realized as I finished canvas #5 was that I was done. There were -supposed- to be 6 canvases, but #6 wasn't needed for my progression. I was done. I completed the 6th canvas partly because it was part of the assignment, but more importantly, because I had someone in mind for it (:

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I absolutely love these. Now, I have to figure out how I'm going to matt/frame them (:

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