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’97 model AMS Tabby

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Just yesterday morning, my oldest boy was reminding me that our cats are fast approaching 11 years old. It began when I asked him if he knew who my favoritest oldest son was. Joking, he said "Daddy-- he’s your favorite oldest" and I said, but he’s not my son. So his response was "Peeve. He’s over 10 you know mom."...and I have to admit, he stumped me. LOL. So I amended my question-- Who’s my favorite, two legged, non-furry oldest son?... To which my very clever 6 year old responded " know...we have hair on our heads, and it’s a type of fur for people Mom." LOL-- at that point, I just scooped him up and tickled him and told him it was HIM. After he was done giggling, he told me "And your favorite, two legged, non-furry youngest son is my brother." (; I love my kids!

But back to the subject line! He made me realize that my kittens aren’t kittens any more! My fur babies are full grown CATS now...and older than any pet I -ever- had growing up as a child.

I can still remember how I ended up getting them. I was headed to my parent’s house for Christmas, and was bringing Thai with me (She’s a Siamese cat that my parents got when I was 12, who I’ve always considered my sister) and my Mom had lent me the cats so that I wouldn’t be alone in my very first apartment my second year of college. Well, once we got up there, my Mom stole her back. LOL. She’d missed her. But she gave me $200 and told me to get my own cat when I got back to Louisiana (: And that’s -exactly- what I did.

December 28th, 1997, I called the Natchitoches Animal Shelter and asked about 2 female cats-- I didn’t want my cat lonely while I was in classes or at work, but I wanted two females so that I wouldn’t have to worry about spraying. And she told me that there was a grand total of -3- cats to choose from. I was welcome to come in if I would like. Mark came with me. LOL...looking back on it in retrospect, he was even there for the arrival of our first fur children (;

So anyway, before I go to see any of the cats, she tells me, there’s an older female cat who’s been here a while, and two kittens-- siblings, and boy and a girl. Someone had brought them in not 3 days previous. They’d been found in a closed box in a dumpster. They were 3 months old, litter trained and had been put out like trash. Then she brought me in to see them. I picked them up...and at the time, they each fit into the palm of a hand. And she said "So you want the little girl?" To which I responded "Are you crazy?!? I’m not breaking up siblings. Gimme my cats!" LOL. And she did. And I got my striped cat named Spot, that I had decided when I was 10 I was going to have when I grew up. And Peeve got his name for being a boy cat when I really wanted two girls. Pet Peeve (; And believe me, over the years, he’s lived up to the naming!

And as Peeve curls up purring in my lap for a scratch behind his ears, and Spot breadloaves on the top of the chair behind my head, with her tail curling around me ear, I realize how much I love my ’97 model AMS Tabbies and wouldn’t trade them in for the world. (:

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