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Ack! Officially ’OLD’

Monday, September 17, 2007

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So it's happened. My MySpace page confirms it there for everyone to see. 30.

(LOL) Okay, okay, so I'm not -really- old... but when I was a kid, I remember my mother turning 30, and thinking at the time "WOW! She looks good for someone so old!"...and talking with her the other day, I realized I had finally hit the same age. (:

Her response was that she's too young to have a daughter that old. (LOL) (; I love my mom (:

Had a wonderful birthday at All Things Middle Eastern. My sweet husband watched our boys to give me a weekend away. And I had a BLAST! Got to make some wonderful new friends, play with my doumbeks, zills AND do some bellydancing!! Even got to dance with... well, I've seen them called 'fribbons' but I guess fan/ribbon is probably more descriptively accurate (; They were SO MUCH FUN!!!

Got in on Friday an hour before the site actually opened-- LOL. My father in law and husband both decided I needed an hour to correct when I got lost (; But I -didn't- get lost, so there I was (: The heavens opened up to greet me with a small downpour, but it was over fairly quickly (and besides, I -like- rain!). Got to help put together some poles for some really awesome flags that so much added to the FEEL of the place for, what would turn out to be, one of my roommates for the event (:

After getting settled in and getting to meet my new friends from Arenal, I headed down to sign in and to have my first traveler's fare. It was -exactly- what I needed, and wonderful too! Vegetarian split pea soup with brown bread (: Campbell's has nothing on these people! It was like being in a small, uncrowded tavern, all truth be told. With talking, and laughter and for the first time in months, I -relaxed- (:

LOL And in the morning, I was greeted with my first birthday dirge!!! (This event manages to be a LOT of firsts for me!) (: It was great, and so was the breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs and ham. Afterwards, we headed out for tea. American tea (LOL). If Lady Margaret hadn't pointed it out, I wouldn't have ever thought of it. As she hails from Scottland mundanely, and has had tea all of her life, a little thing like being out in the woods wasn't going to stop her from doing so again this morning (: And I got to have some too. Until that moment, I'd forgotten how much I -like- a cup of tea in the morning. So I had one again this morning...might have another cup even though it's fast approaching noon now (;

Got to attend some really interesting classes. See, even though I practice with my dvds at home, it's just NOT the same thing as having someone else to dance with you! So I took the beginning bellydancing class offered by Mistress Edwina. Got to hear some beautiful music (and will be creating my own library as time and money warrant (; ) and got some wonderful feedback. Also got my first chance to see a tangine in use! Believe me, it's made it's way on my "to get" list as well (;

My garb passed it's day out with flying colors! Very pleased with it (: I'll be making more layers later for winter wear/ greater periodness, but it was perfect for summer in Alabama (:

Then I headed over and gave archery a try. Didn't -once- hit the target, but I loved it just the same (: I was consistent. LOL. You could follow my trail of shot arrows in a near straight line rihgt up to the target (; And I learned where my bracer needs to be. Have a string bite my little boys love seeing in the way only little boys can. LOL. Lunch wasn't offered by the event, but between my roommates and I, we had ourselves quite a feast!

And the merchants!!! Okay, there were only 2, but they were wonderful. Every time I passed the Tipsy Gypsy, there was something new to tempt me back. I got a doumbek for each of my little boys to learn on (and to leave mine alone!), a talking drum (which turns out to be a match in kind for my doumbeks (; ), some wonderfully jingly earrings, a head piece, and a match to the stone belt that I have that I need to modify!!! I was so excited about that purchase!!! Modifying that belt is going to be my 'reward' to myself for getting my guys garbed in the next month (: And the other merchant made me a feather fan. I love it!!! I won't have to go to another shire meeting and just swelter in the heat (:

Got to attend my first court-- and it was an official court, with the king and queen of Meridies and everything! Feast was wonderful-- there were 9 removes! It was a ...shoot! I can't remember the exact terms... a Grand Challenge?... anyway, EVERYTHING was wonderful and she passed with flying colors! (: Lord Domingoes, his lady wife Suki and Lady Margaret told me I've probably been spoiled (LOL). Since, as a first court and first feast go, they'll set my expectations quite high (;

Then I got to attend my first hafla. Other than a bit of dancing, got to try some of the rhythms from my dvd on my doumbek (: Got to drum with OTHER PEOPLE!!! And really enjoyed it. Even got to play my zills as a different sound to the drums.

Ah. Yes. Lest I forget (; I also tried port for the first time. Now THAT will certainly set a high bar for wines!! And I got to try coconut schnapps (: As I phrased it that night "I'm two steps past tipsy...and they're not small steps!" LOL.

All in all, I had a wonderful event, an exceptional birthday and I'm looking forward to my first full event with my family at Panhandle skirmish in October (: I'll get to see the firsts for all three of my guys! And maybe have some new ones of my own (:

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