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Adventures in children

Thursday, August 23, 2007

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So my oldest started school on the 6th of this month. Yup. I said the 6th. It was a REALLY early start. The first day, I drove him in, and the first week, it was half days so I picked him up. No clinging to Momma (: No weepy good-bye by either of us. My little boy is happily independent.

LOVES riding the bus, learning new things and making new friends (: Practices drawing and writing ALL of the time (of course, he did that -before- school)... and has the newly forming writing callus to prove it! He's actually starting to read, can sound out words so that he can spell them. I'm so proud of him. And the only thing we're both still adjusting to is the new sleep schedule. He goes to bed at 8... and we BOTH have to get up at 6! LOL. I forgot how much I hate having my alarm clock tell me what time to get up. And although it's only the beginning of week three, there have been more than one occasion when my little boy curled up into his blanket when I came to wake him and said "Oh Momma. Just a few more minutes... I'm not ready to get up." (:


And he started soccer this past Monday. They'll have practice twice a week and in 2 weeks, they'll have their first game. I asked my father in law to keep an eye on my youngest at home while I took my oldest in (I bet, at this point, you might have noticed that I call them my oldest/eldest and my youngest without giving their names... It's because I intend to leave this blog open to the public... and I don't mention my kid's names to the general public. Call it paranoid if you will, but I'd rather be paranoid than overly trusting and regret it later! Now, back to the regularly scheduled blog (LOL)) for his first practice. As I had him getting ready, I told him we needed to be there at 6-- and he said "But Momma, I can't be out that late! It's close to my bedtime!" (: I told him it would be alright-- and that we'd be home in plenty of time not to miss bedtime. He was the only one on his team with shin guards already, but not the only child there (there are 6 teams) without them yet. And I'm glad I hadn't gotten them first. I'd have gotten them at Wal-Mart, and wouldn't have known there are those with ankle protection as well for the same price! It took him just a little bit to warm up to the other kids, but in no time at all, they were all having a blast playing together. And we're very fortunate to have a –wonderful- coach (: At their age, there are no scores, and everyone is on the field (LOL). Parents who've done it before inform me there are frequent kid pile ups to look forward to…and when they're not doing that, the ball can pass inches from them while they're off looking at something else… like the clouds passing overhead, or a bug flying by (; Plan to take plenty of pictures for his first game.


As for my youngest, we started potty training, informally (no pushing, just lots of cheering when he made it to the potty) about 2 months ago. And within the last month, he's started SAYING potty before he had to go, and making it. Well, he had his 2 year checkup Tuesday, so I hopped him on the potty just before we left, and he went. He waited patiently in the waiting room with me for about 15 minutes, and not 5 minutes after the nurse started taking his particulars, he said "po-ee". So I asked the nurse where the nearest bathroom was. And as luck would have it, it was just outside of the door—but there was someone already in it. They flushed, so I thought we might be able to wait, but about a minute later, with a little more urgency in his voice, my youngest said "po-ee" again. I told him I knew, and asked if he could try to hold it for just a little longer. We waited about 30 more seconds, and in real urgency he put his hands on both sides of my face and turned me to look in my eyes and said "Mom-ee po-ee". So I asked the doctor who was standing right there is there was another restroom close by. At the other end of the hall—so I carried him down there… and he DID IT! He'd held it without wetting his pull-up and used the potty!!! I was SO PROUD of him!… LOL… And it turns out that Doctor was –his-, so when he asked about any interest in potty training, I reminded him it was us in the hall, and he was proud of my little boy as well (:

He's in the 90th percentile for height, at –exactly- 3 feet, the 90th percentile for weight at 32 lb, and at the 80th percentile for his head size. What it MEANS is he's tall and proportionate and healthy.

He loves to jump and climb, his vocabulary is getting better every day. He's just as fiercely independent as his brother is… and is even starting to try to tell knock knock jokes (LOL)… he got that from his brother (;


And both of them ADORE the play set my youngest got for his birthday last week (: Yesterday morning, my youngest and I were out there playing in the yard and he grabbed my hand and led me over to the fort portion of it, climbed up, then patted next to him and said "Mom-ee Up Peese" (: So I climbed up in it with him. Then I remembered our dog Isabeau had loved the one and only time we took her to the playground with us…before we saw the sign that said no dogs allowed. So I called her up—and she climbed up the ladder and joined us in the fort (LOL). It was –great-. Made my little boy giggle and you could tell by her doggy grin she was proud of herself (;

And when my oldest got home from school, we all played out in the backyard, got the sprinkler going and filled buckets with water that my oldest had me pour down the slide with him to go faster, and that my youngest used to dip my dog Maggie's teddy bear in (:

I told my father in law the other day that my children are loud because they live in a loud house. We're just loud people. I don't mind my kids zipping through the house roaring like monsters as they chase each other, or hoot and giggle as they dress up in the spider man costumes and pretend to fling webs… or have sword fights down the hall with their styrafoam swords (LOL). I love my kids, and I have to admit I enjoy the adventure of having them around (: It's never dull (;

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