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Adventures in lack of sleep, confusion, & credit theft

Thursday, July 26, 2007

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So I started my day... no... let me go back just a little bit I couldn't sleep last night, so I didn't come to bed until about 5 this morning... and my boys got me up at 7:15 ish (: All in all, I'm pretty damn chipper for about 2 hours of sleep... so anyway, after I got them a drink and started them on breakfast, I got online and I checked my online banking information (Mark's check usually posts first thing on Wednesdays, and it's Thursday this week and still not in there!)

And as I looked for the deposit that wasn't, I saw a charge for a company I'd never heard of for a strange amount. Yes, my adventure began on a quest for $18.49...

So I asked Mark about both of them (side note, after he got up, he called his employer, they've had difficulties in the office this week, and it'll post tonight at midnight) and he had no idea what the charge was for either.

And lo and behold, it's after 9, so the bank will answer when I call (: So I end up talking to a Wachovia associate to get the details of the transaction, and she tells me it was made on Monday (I didn't make any purchases on Monday), it's MY debit card info (did I mention I didn't make any purchases on Monday?), it's for a company I've never heard of: My Case Enterprise (and the town of Enterprise is less than half an hour away! We didn't go there!), and she tells me it's for telemarketing/ phone equipment (wth?) so I'm transfered to the fraud department to start a case, get the money back, get a new debit card (it'll be here in 7-10 days), cancel the old one (already done-- fast service!), and by the way, here's the merchant's phone number. They're located in Washington state, they're 3 hours behind in time, and make sure you get a cancellation confirmation number from them. Thank you very much (:

So they figure...and Mark figures, that my credit card information has been stolen from online-- and I've done enough online shopping this month that it's -possible-... It shouldn't be likely, but it's -possible-... and for some of it, it would require having my other online personal information!

So I spend the NEXT 30 minutes deleting all of my stored online financial information with ALL of my regular vendors that would have it stored... change ALL of my passwords-- email, banking, paypal, myspace, amazon, ebay, netflix... you name it, I changed it.

Then I thought...well... I have the phone number... I an at least find out what company I'm going to be calling...

So yeah for Google!... But what's this?! It's listed as a residential number!!! What does it mean?

So I call Wachovia's fraud department to ask-- but I get put through to the voicemail box and leave a message.

Then I figure...hell, if it's a residential number, I don't care so much about getting them up at 7, so I go ahead and call and...

I'd made the purchase.

How is that possible you ask?

Same thing I asked!

First, I'd bought in on Sunday, not Monday-- but Monday is when THEY posted it as purchased.

Second, the item is a backpack for Sam (oh boy--that's a whole nother subject-- specific stuff to get for his school-- if you don't get the brand listed when a brand is listed they'll be sending it home to you and you have to GET the brand listed....he has to have a large CLEAR backpack for kindergarten... did you know Wal-Mart... and DollarTree...and ALL of the other local stores don't carry clear backpacks?!?)...turns out the company sells two things under two different names: one is phone equipment/ office supplies (for telemarketing)... and the other is backpacks!

And third-- I did mention that the company has TWO names, right? The one I purchased from...and the one that showed up on my account!

So a THIRD call to the fraud department to say... well... all of the above, and to ask to cancel the investigation, is it too late for my debit card (yup-- Wachovia is effective and efficient folks!), and please make sure my account is charged so my son can get his bookbag! (:

All in all, I'm thinking my Thursday is off to a memorable start (LOL)

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