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Air show, Oriental Trading, and the Claybank Jamboree

Sunday, October 5, 2008

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So we slept in on Saturday until -9- am! Sometimes, letting the kids stay up to watch premiers for new shows has added benefits (-besides- getting to watch the new Star Wars cartoon (lol)). Got up, decided we were going to have McDonald's for breakfast-- didn't want to make any more dishes (; Got the boys McGriddle sandwiches, got Grandmother a mega breakfast platter, got Mark a pancake platter, and got myself a chicken biscuit. It's the one breakfast item that makes me wish we had a Chick-fil-A, but McDonald's does pretty alright at it, so I'm appreciative (:

When I got home, I discovered they'd forgotten my hash brown and was going to be mildly put-out by it, but Mark was trying to cheer me up (offering me his-- though his meal didn't come with one (lol)--then suggested sharing with the kids) so I was going to take a bit from each of the kids, and my oldest offered me his because he doesn't like them (:

After breakfast, we cleaned the house as a family! WOW! That makes a HUGE difference in how fast it goes! My boys cleaned their rooms and picked up their toys and made their beds! And they did a GREAT job of it too! And my honey vacuumed so I could concentrate on the other house picking up type chores (; Anyway, when we were done, the house was not only tidy and clean, it was company ready! Which turned out to be a good thing (lol).

We had been planning to meet our friends Rex, Teresa and their kids to go to the airshow at 11...Got Grandmother to the restroom at 10, but we weren't going to be ready to leave before 11! Turns out, they weren't ready either (; But they should be at our house by 11:30, which was plenty of time for us to get everything we needed finished. We called Mark's Dad and invited him to join us at the airshow and let him know we'd give him a holler when we were headed out. It was 10 minutes to noon when we got a call from Rex-- they were running behind, hadn't had a chance to leave yet, but didn't want us to be held up another half hour-- so we gave them directions and told them that we'd meet them there (:

When we got there and were standing in line with Mark's Dad, we were informed that we would be shutteled over to where the show was...and I realized getting BACK to the gate to give them their tickets would be -really- hard, so I asked the wonderful people at the ticket table if I could leave their tickets there- they said it would be no problem, as long as our friends knew to pick up their tickets there. They didn't...but they would by the time it mattered (; So as we were riding in the bus, my cell phone rang-- and I let them know.

When we got off the bus, the first thing we did was see how much it would cost to ride in the helicopter-- $50/ person. Not -really- a bad price...but for all of us to go, you're talking $200! WAY more than we were planning to spend yesterday, so there was no way it was happening. We'll just save up for next year (;

Then, we saw they were letting kids sit in a helicopter and my boys wanted a chance, so we got into line while Mark took our chairs over to field where the show would be. My digital camera lasted just long enough to get a picture of my youngest sitting in the Cobra...but ran out of batteries before I could get a picture of my oldest doing the same. ): It was so low on power-- the lens wouldn't even retract so I could put the safety cover on! I've -never- had it run so low before--and it didn't give me any warnings. It was like the batteries instantly died out of the blue. So I went back to the helicopter table and asked if they were selling batteries (because, really, people's camera's run out all the time and it's not a bad idea!) -- they didn't, BUT they did have disposable cameras for $10. So I got one, and went around the OTHER side of the helicopter so my boys could get their pictures taken in the front end of the cobra (:

There were over 30 airshow planes on display on the ground that you could walk around and look at. And later, even got to get a picture of boys sitting in one of the airshow planes! The entire time, the air smelled of grilled hotdogs and hamburgers! (: And our friends showed up about 15 minutes later. The first plane was -awesome-! Had a smoke trail so you could see what it was doing and was close enough it didn't look like a bird in the distance (lol). Both of these matter, as it was the only plane worth watching the entire day (; Of the 30 planes there, only -5- flew. The second and third pretty much did the exact same tricks the first one did-- but further away so they were harder to see, and no smoke trail. The fourth and fifth flew together...but didn't do any formation tricks so most of the crowd was already leaving. As a first air show goes, for AIR time, it was a little dull (save that first plane). But as car shows go, it was really cool (; We all had a really good time, enjoyed hotdogs and hamburgers and friend's company.

After the show, we came back to our house, because they were going to get ready to decorate for Halloween-- and we already were (and they haven't had a chance to come out to our house yet!). When we got to our house, my boxes from Oriental Trading Company had arrived with my last installment of Halloween decorations!!!! Mark's first words as we headed into the house was "What are these?!" with a raised eyebrow (: When I told him, he just moved the boxes to our room for me. Before we left for the show, I'd gotten Grandmother settled in the living room because Dad had called to say Alan (his nephew who's about 38) would be coming to visit her today. So we got to introduce our friends to her (: And I got to go through my new goodies with Teresa! Woo-hoo! And introduce yet another person to the wonders that you can get from Oriental Trading Company (: On an aside, if you sign up for a website called Ebates, and use it as a gateway to Oriental Trading Company (and several other websites), they have coupons, or give you a percentage back from your purchase total. In the almost year I've been subscribed, Ebates has paid me $70 for using it, and I use the option that credits it directly to my paypal account instead of having a check sent to me every 3 months-- and never once using the 'refer a friend' option that would get me another $5 per friend who does it. I think of it this way-- I'll tell you about the deal and you can do it or not, but I'm not spamming you with email about it (;

After going through my new goodie boxes, we came out to the living room and I showed her my plans for the tombstones (; Have to give my father in a law a call today about borrowing his truck to go get the foam board! I was hoping to do about a dozen...but I might have to settle for half that many... We'll see how much foam board costs today (; Then they had to head home to get started on their decorating, and we needed to head out to the jamboree to see Mark's cousin (and Alan's sister) Anita Kay, who had a stall. Just as we were getting ready to leave, the phone rang and it was Alan calling to say he and his girlfriend would be at our house in a minute to visit with Grandmother. She asked us to wait just long enough for them to arrive so the front door wouldn't be unlocked with her being the only one in the house. Got to meet Anna, his new girlfriend, then we headed down town.

The street fair was -supposed- to last until 5...but by the time we got there at 4:20, it was already shutting down. Most of the stalls were closed, if not outright packed up and gone. And we thought we'd missed Anita Kay because no one was where her stall was supposed to be. So we walked over to the funnel cake merchant and asked if they still had any-- and asked for 3. While I stayed in line waiting for them, Mark took the boys over to a store for comic books that he found out was on the square (we're two months behind in the Buffy and Angel comics now (; ) I let the first one she made go to a lady who only needed one, and the other one she already had sitting there go to a boy who only needed one. They gave the next two to another lady. And then we got the next three (: Came back home, shared funnel cake with Grandmother, Alan and Anna and got to visit for a while. Then Mark's Dad came over and we had a house full of company! While everyone was visiting, I headed back and started putting up my latest decorations (: I couldn't wait anymore!!! And I LOVE the way the house looks now! Going to have to order some more of the paper lanterns for the front porch so I don't have to turn on the porch light for Halloween night, but other than that, it's -awesome-! (I'll be uploading pictures today (; ).

All in all, we had a -great- fall day! (:

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