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Alabama grows on you

Monday, April 28, 2008

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...Kinda like Kudzu (;

That little epiphany occurred to me yesterday as we were riding home from the shire meeting-- which all four of us thoroughly enjoyed, I might add (:

It began as we entered Alabama from Georgia

and my older son says "Momma, are we gonna live in Alabama forever?"

I don't say anything-- because really, I don't know. Mark shoots me a look and sees that I'm not coming up with any response so he says to him "Well, do you -want- to live in Alabama forever?" To which my oldest answers "Yeah. I like it here. It's nice."

Now, to give you a point of reference, that little boy is 6-- and this is the fourth house he's lived in, the second state. Mark and I were discussing it not two weeks ago, trying to figure out if this is the longest we've ever lived in the same house since we got married. Discovered, "not quite yet." The longest we've lived anywhere is just about 2 1/2 years in Virginia. But come August 4th, we'll have been -here- in this house, for -exactly- 2 years. And as the reasons we're still here currently remains to take care of Grandmother and for Mark to finish school (which will take another year), that's not going to change without some serious -other- changes.

So, back to the almost present (after all, this story started yesterday (; ) I'm sitting there, driving and thinking. I'm not going to lie. Alabama would not have been my first choice in places to live. But life and situations made it the necessary choice at the time. And since we've been here, we're living close enough with family to visit-- that's never happened before. We've got friends-- both among our neighbors, and in the SCA-- and we're actively involved in our shire!-- That's not really happened before either (:

And I have had the feeling of 'coming home' three times since we got here. The first when I was coming back from visiting my sister in Arizona-- SERIOUSLY could not live out in the desert! I'm a girl who needs green and trees! (: And I don't much care for the idea of that little water. The feeling of relief as we touched down in Georgia was near overwhelming-- to look out the window and see all that vegetable LIFE (: Whew!

The second was after a very long drive from an SCA event--Gulf Wars in Mississippi. It's always nice to be -almost- back to the house. LOL-- seeing the water tower that announces Ozark is a balm on the "are we there yet?" feeling that I still get, even as an adult, even when -I- am the one driving (;

The third was another return from an SCA event. (On a side note, in case you're wondering, MOST SCA events are going to be a minimum of 4 hours one way from our when I talk about the return trip, LOL, there's at least 4 hours of driving under my belt, AFTER having packed up to go (; Shoot, for that matter, for most things in our local group, we need to leave 2 hours before the start time to get there in time, so that's a total of a four hour drive for maybe a 3-7 hour gathering. Not complaining, really, just noting (; Much rather go than NOT!)

So, in the seconds that all of the above pass through my head, I come to the realization that although Alabama is not the place -I- would have chosen... perhaps it's the right place for me, for us, despite my preconcieved inclinations. And that's when I had my epiphany. "Alabama grows on you.... kinda like Kudzu!"

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