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And so the garden begins!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

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I've decided to do my garden one week at a time-- because I can't afford to do the whole thing all at once (lol) (;

So last week, I bought my planters for my flowers. Keeping them watered-- expect to see something growing in about 2 weeks, keep your fingers crossed! Was telling Mark today that I hope I still have a green thumb. I haven't really tried to grow anything in 3 years. And as I was planting my bulbs last week, I realized that part of why the last time I'd planted flowers (in Virginia), the reason so many of them never bloomed is that I'd accidentally planted them upside down (lol). Those packets hadn't come with directions that specified which way was up-- but the ones I did last week did-- and I know I put well over half of the last ones upside down-- which makes the fact that ANY of the ones in Virginia bloomed pretty impressive (; Hoping to do as well and better down here.

Today, I bought a couple of hanging baskets and planted strawberries in them. Hope they do well where I have them-- but I may need to move them to the side of the house where there's more light. I bought a 5 gallon pot today to plant my blackberry in for the front yard. Those tend to spread and take over, so I want to make sure it's contained, but has enough room to grow. Need to get some geraniums and marigolds to plant in with it (:

Next week, I'm going to buy a grape plant with some chives and clover if I can find it. Have the perfect place in the backyard for them and hope it does well!I also bought a 6 gallon pot and started the first of what will be 3 companion pots. In this one, I have a tomato bush, summer squash, marigolds (that help keep the bugs and pests away from the vegetables), onions, zucchini, romaine and butter leaf lettuce.

As I started working on it, Mark got involved (: He drilled the holes into the bottom of my large pots for me, then got the drain put in that we've been needed next to the carport for the last 3 years. It tends to flood in the low spot every time it rains-- now it won't! And as the low spot is right next to my plants, I won't have to worry about them getting -way- too much water anymore!

Tomorrow, Mark is going to start working on building a railing for my flowers so they can go where they're supposed to in the front yard (: VERY excited!I also planted asparagus in the ground off to the other side of the walkway. It will be at least 2 years before we see anything from it, but fresh asparagus is worth it! My parents have a long standing patch in Missouri that I've enjoyed and hope we can have one of our own (:

And next weekend, I'm going to start the next companion pot. This one is going to have Greenbeans (bush variety), potatoes, horseradish, carrots, celery, snow peas, spinach and marigold.

The third one is going to have bell peppers, garlic, eggplant, cucumber, radish, nasturium (if I can find it) and geraniums.

Keep your fingers crossed that at least some on them prove viable! And I'll keep taking pictures (and eventually get them posted (lol)).

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