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The bestest compliment (:

Monday, November 3, 2008

The bestest compliment(:
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So last night, Mark and I went on our traditional, Sunday AFTER our Anniversary date (:

While driving, we were cut off 3 times, had 2 seperate vehicles crowding the center lane towards us, and had a grand total of -8- cars pull out infront of us where we had to put the brakes on. And it didn't really bother either of us (lol). I told Mark we must have our 'sign' flashing over the car. It's one of two. See, quite frequently, I have one of these two signs flashing over my car. The first one reads "I'm invisible. We're not actually here in a car." It's the one I figure is flashing when people almost hit our car. The other one, and the one I think is flashing most often reads "I'm a safe driver. If you pull out infront of me, I'm -not- going to hit you because I'm paying attention to the road."

So Mark was going to take me to a steak house called Conestoga. He was told they have some of the best steak in Dothan... and we passed it on our way into the Dothan, had to turn back to find it, and as we're sitting at a traffic light, I look off to the left and say "Honey...They're closed on Sunday." There it is. Little. Kind of house like surrounded by all the traditional mini-malls (; And -definitely- closed on Sunday (lol). Mark says, "Well...that explains why they didn't answer my call when I tried to call earlier and reserve." I should mention it didn't phase us because it's kind of a running theme. Every year, we plan to go somewhere, and usually, that somewhere is closed on the day we plan to go to it (lol). It stops being disappointing after the first 5 years (; From year 6 on, you just "plan" to go to 3 different restaurants based on preference and who's actually open (;

So we headed over to Outback (:

And after placing our drink order, I got one of the bestest compliments from our server, Robin. She came back with our drinks and said to me, "You know, I just wanted to say 'thank you.' Your smile is infectious, and it made my day. I wasn't feeling so great, and then I saw your smile, and it really brightened my day, and I wanted to say 'thank you.'" ((:

In addition to that, we had a -delicious- meal. Fried mushrooms. Cheesy fries. Great steak with -delicious- grilled asparagus and an alright baked potato. To top it off with wonderful carrot cake from the Cheesecake store (:

After our meal, we headed out to get Mark some new shoes-- they need replacing every 6 months or so. Actually had a good time in the shoe store. (lol). Had to use the restroom though...and there were 2 little girls playing in the single toilet ladies room....and I don't know about any other ladies, but when it's a single toilet restroom, I have no quelms at all about using the mens room when it's the only open option! There was a lady waiting before me and I asked if she wanted to use it and she said "I considered it, but you go ahead." Didn't have to ask my twice!

(lol) When I walked out, the next woman (not the first one-- who had apparently decided to stop waiting) waiting in line for the bathroom the little girls were -still- playing in, looked at me and gasped, saying "Whoa!!! Dude! You are -so- not a DUDE!" (lol) She then proceeded to explain she expected a guy to walk out of the guys bathroom and was completely shocked because I'm so obviously NOT. I laughed and told her the little girls playing in the ladies restroom had been doing so for a while, and I didn't want to wait, when the mens room is just as clean and otherwise empty. She decided she'd wait longer for the ladies (lol).

Tried on several different shoes to replace my poor little black shoes that literally had their bottom fall out. Didn't find anything I liked though. But we did get Mark's shoes replaced and got to try on leather hats (: Didn't get any of them, but it was still fun (:

Then, we decided to drive past the new Carmike's Theatre 12 on our side of Dothan. I'd looked up the movie theatres before we left, and didn't recognize any move titles I really wanted to see, so we were originally going to forego seeing a movie...but...well...who can resist a NEW movie theatre when their father in law is watching the kids and as you get ready to leave says, "Don't rush back. Stay as long as you want."?!?!?

We looked at the movie posters and came up with 2 choices-- "Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist" and "Changeling". The deciding factor for me was that Nick & Nora wasn't going to start for another hour, while Changeling was going to start in the next 6 minutes.

In retrospect...should have waited the hour, even though we both had early mornings for today. Not because Changeling is a bad movie. It's not. It's a very -good- movie.... but if you're like me and you thought it was going to be a horror movie....well...parts of it are completely horrific, but it's not a horror movie at all. If you have children, it will, almost from the beginning, make you want to rush home and check on your kids. ...It's also NOT a movie I'd recommend for your wedding Anniversary date (lol). We left the theatre very much more subdued than we entered it. It's left us feeling very much the way we did when we watched "I Am Sam."

Then we stopped at our local Wal-Mart before heading home to get Mark some long sleeved t-shirts for work and a couple gallons of milk. Window shopping is such a relaxing thing (: You get to look and touch, and you don't have to buy (: I don't do it often, because, truth be told, I'm not much of a fan of shopping, and much more of a do-er-- most times, I prefer to go in, get what we need and get out and get on with the other things that need done. But we putzed around in the clearance Halloween section for about 10 minutes (: Reminded me that it was my friend's Cat's second favorite holiday!!! (Her first is the day after Valentine's Day.) When all the chocolate is HALF PRICED! ((:

Headed home to a sleeping father-in-law on the couch and our two little boys sleeping soundly in their beds after a great afternoon/ early evening with their grandpa (:

All in all, it was a great 9 year Anniversary date (:

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