Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bestest Presents

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bestest Presents

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I was uploading some of my pictures to Facebook (because I don't have to resize them first like I do for MySpace), and realized I love, love, love my camera. It's one of the bestest presents Mark has ever gotten me.

Yes, there've been a couple of flops, but really, there've been some really great ones as well! Some of them, it was just him turning me loose to get what I wanted like my drums and my sewing machine. Some of them have been joint purchases like our bikes, our cooking set, and our cell phones. Others have been completely on his own for listening to me --seeing a need and filling it.

I've mentioned before the couch he bought me when I was pregnant and couldn't get up from our futon. I cried it was so thoughtful and such a perfect gift. Now, I'm mentioning the camera (: But it was also he who suggested my lap top, and boy doesn't this puppy get a work out! And my color printer/ scanner/ fax!! And he made me hula hoops last year that I use pretty regularly (:

As I was thinking about it, I laughed. Because stereo-typically, women are supposed to want jewelry....Did I mention when he bought me my own dremel? LOVE that thing!...though I haven't used it much in the last year. Or the wood burning kit (: Which has been getting plenty of use in the last 6 months (:

Not that I don't like jewelry-- I absolutely adore the forget-me-not pendant he got me while we were in Colorado Springs-- I'd mentioned that I thought the flowers on the hill side as we were headed up to Pike's Peak were absolutely lovely and that I hoped the picture I'd taken captured them--and he gave me the pendant and said that now they'd last forever and I could take them with me (:

Sometimes, my honey get it's very right. Sometimes (and the frequency has increased over the years!), my honey gets ME, and knows exactly what I like (: And tonight, I'm feeling very fortunate and thankful to have such a wonderful husband (:

It might be because he gave me one of the other most precious gifts today-- time. Time to get away and hang out with my adult friends, laughing and being creatively productive. Time for myself, knowing that my boys would be well taken care of by their father so my mind was at ease. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my family-- but I don't get much time for myself. And so time is a gift (: And my honey gave me that wonderful present today (:

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