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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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So I'd been contemplating blogging for about 2 weeks now, but had no fodder to put forth. LOL. Decided to post anyway (;

Ever have those times when you can't decide if you're having good luck in an otherwise bad situation, or bad luck in an otherwise good situation? If you have you know what I'm talking about, if not, then you're either very lucky... or very not. (For you, I hope it's the former.)

Anyway, back to me, so here I am thinking these thoughts and wondering which one I get to have. Some eamples you ask? Well, let's look at eamples. We'll start there. Notice anything missing? It's the letter' '. Now, it's not that I didn't press it on my keyboard. (Running a little behind? It's the letter that falls alphabetically between w and y.) It's that my sweet youngest knew he wasn't allowed to drink out of a -glass- so he decided to pour my sweet tea out of mine and into a plastic cup for himself. It would have been absolutely adorable if said eperiment (there it is again!) hadn't taken place at the computer desk and over the keyboard. SO-- we need a new keyboard because THAT letter is not the only casualty of his sweet tea transfer.

On the upside, Mark's not blind. He could have been. He had a paintbrush soaking in mineral spirits with a string tied to one end...and the tool he didn't know he was going to need until he picked it up and splashed his face/ eyes with said mineral spirits, on the other. Fortunately, he was wearing his glasses and they took the brunt of the splash.

These are just two eamples (damn key.) Out of well over a dozen in the last 5 days. Now, with my eplative (rotten letter!) above, you might think I'm in a foul mood, but I'm actually not (: I'm pretty chipper.

My dayshade seemed to be on the verge of doom while we were trying to mark the center holes (it wasn't reinforced yet and started to tear)-- but it didn't actually tear beyond repair, and the contact points are DEFINITELY reinforced now... and quite nicely. Better than they would have been if we hadn't had the mishap first, truth be told.

So I'm voting "bad luck in an otherwise good situation"... I think (; I'll get back to you if the prognosis changes (LOL). Because really, who's chipper in a bad situation, right?

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