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Borrowed civility and a day in the life (:

Saturday, March 24, 2007

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Borrowed my friend Mike's blog today, because it made my morning (: And he always manages to make me laugh. So thanks Mike!

A lady sat down next to me today in a fast food joint. I could see that she was looking over at me, thinking "Hmm. How can I break the ice?"

She said "Mars has a lot of dust."

I replied "I'm sorry, what?!"

I couldn't look away. I couldn't stop talking to her.

This lady was crazy insane and she started talking to me about how "the galaxies are dust" and "the polar caps of the planet Mars has ice" and "what if all of the galaxies are made of dust from cleaning planet Earth".

She asked me what my planet was.

I'm thinking how rude she is to interrupt someone who is eating dinner and minding their own business.

I have come to the conclusion that most Washingtonians lack the ability to act civil in public. But now I think "What if it's me who is being a social fucktard? What if I am the most artless bastard out there?"

By ignoring most everyone I see, I am missing out on some truly and splendidly flawed people out there.

Tomorrow, I am going to try not to just move around people and avoid everyone. I am going to ask them open-ended questions that they have to answer. Nothing yes or no. Questions like, "How's the weather?" and "What type of Self Help book do you like to read?"

If they don't talk to me, then I will know that they are the problem, not me.

And I liked my email back to him so much, I thought I'd share that too! (;

LOL--I was just thinking about this yesterday.

See, there appears to be a sign over my head that reads one of two things "Ask me the question, I'll know the answer", or "I like to talk to strangers." I've come to this conclusion based on the fact that regardless of where I go, what mood I'm in, what I'm doing--whatever, SOME STRANGER IS GOING TO TALK TO ME. Every day.

It might be that I always make eye contact. Always. (LOL) Well, ALMOST always. It sounds friendly, and might even appear that way-- but the only 'self defense' thing I remember is that "you are less likely to be attacked if he thinks you'll remember his face", so I'm always looking around and I meet everyone's eyes. Since most people aren't looking to snatch my stupid little pocket book (that screams "thin! Take me! Fill me up! I'm being disused!") I usually smile. And so people smile back and I hear "hello" (and it's mirade varieties) multiple times through out the day.

But even when I'm pissy, even when I -don't- make eye contact, people talk to me.

I visit a city for a day, first time in my life, and someone is going to stop and ask for directions. I get a wrong number and the person on the other end engages me in a conversation ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. I go grocery shopping and other than the cashier, I'm going to have some sort of short chat with at least 2 random people.

I know this because it happens EVERY DAY... And I usually end up feeling better, all truth be told. Even when I started out in a bad mood. Even when I -felt- too busy to talk to strangers. Because sometimes, maybe, they're just there to help lift you out of yourself and out of your mood (: And you can have some -really- interesting conversations.

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