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Children should come with a warning label

Sunday, May 25, 2008

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I don't remember if I've mentioned it, but about a month ago, I was is in the emergency room with my 2 1/2 year old because he'd sprayed deet in his eyes.

I'd taken him outside to play on our sand hill while I was mowing the yard, turned my back for less than a minute when I heard a distressed squeak behind me from the laundry room. I turned around in time to see him blinking furiously and dropping the bug spray. I rushed over to him, grabbed to bottle, looked in his eyes, and read the back of the spray while I rushed him into the house. I rinsed his eyes at the kitchen sink. Then rushed us to the bathroom, stripped us down and rushed us into the shower to rinse his eyes some more. By then, I was worried that he wasn't keeping his eyes open, so I rushed us -out- of the shower, into clothes, with a washcloth over his eyes, and into the car to the emergency room in under 5 minutes, with the bottle of bug spray in tow. I was so worried about him losing his eye sight that I didn't even stop to call poison control. When I got there, he wasn't freaking out any more. They called poison control and pretty much told me "He's fine now. You did the right thing.

Okay, so today, that -same- child was playing at the playground at today's shire meeting/ regional fighter practice when he got sand IN his eyes. A LOT of sand in his eyes. Fortunately, he let his Daddy rush him into the bathroom and rinse the sand out.

Now, although both of those eye traumas would seem like enough to type about, this is the part that I have to tell you about my sister's kids.

Last Thursday, my nephew broke his arm. He was jumping on a trampoline that -should- have been safe-- all the bumper padding, large jumping area, all the safety netting... This is the part that I let you know that he's been jumping on a trampoline -without- any of that stuff for a while and NEVER got hurt.


(that's not them, but it illustrates the point!)

So anyway, there he is, broken arm. And it's waiting to be set in a cast because it had to be re-broken and they were worried about the swelling. So he's not allowed to go to school, etc. because the slightest jarring could mean that it needs to be RE-set.

Okay, back story in place-- Today, my sister bought children's TUMS. And today, she had to go out to work in her yard...and came in to find that at least one of her kids had decided eating the entire bottle of 31 TUMS. So she's calling Poison control now...with it being likely that it was evenly divided between two to three of them, and it being the first time, the mostly likely result is going to be constipation... Doesn't make it less scary tonight.

And -that- right there, is why children should come with warning labels.

When you're about to have a child, you should get a warning pamphlet that lets you know there are going to be times you have never been so scared in your life...until the next incident. And they come randomly. And fairly often, considering. And that having children really DOES give you gray a direct result of all that worrying. Oh yeah, there's the random worrying about stuff that -might- happen. All parent's have that.

But it just doesn't compare to the sheer terror of something ACTUALLY happening. From a bump on the head from playing and jumping off the couch. Or being sick, in any of it's incarnations with a fever you can't make go away, no matter how much you will it to. To the numerous accidents that kids just HAVE because they're kids and the goal is FUN, not safety. All of it. All of it should be in a pamplet they give you -just before- you deliver. You're so far along, you're not going to not have them...but you should be forewarned about what you're in for!

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  1. I love it!!! And trust me, been there. My 12 y/o fractured the growth plate in his L leg, managed to almost break his neck jumping on his toddler bed (that was worth several x rays), get fig sap in his eyes---which turns out he's massively allergic (his eye swelled to about 3 times it's normal size in the time it took to get to the ER.....the list goes on. But all mostly before age 6. So it slows down a little after that, at least with some kids. My youngest, however,he's an entirely different story.....he's not 2 yet and I already have more grey hairs from him than from the rest of my life combined! LOL. Most recent incidents with him---trying to choke to death in the doctor's office from swallowing the bandaid they put on his thumb after drawing his blood as a result of one of those fevers you mentioned, and trying to relocate his front teeth on the side of the bathtub. How do any of them ever survive to grow up???? You are so right. These little critters, should come with warning labels. And as for the owners manual....I'd wait til right after they are born, the parents see them, and fall in love with them.....


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