Thursday, June 24, 2010

Concupiscent Amorist

Okay, so apparently, I was much smarter as a teenager, because as an adult, I had to look that up to known what it meant (lol). All I can figure about this poem is that I was at the ripe young age of "old enough to be interested, innocent enough not to have any practical experience." Probably into the petting and kissing stage-- so for me, that's somewhere between 17 and 18.

Knowing how I think, 'foe' will be some guy who's a hot jerk, and 'stranger' is celebrity crushing (lol). Pretty much, it's a virgin's take on dealing with lust. That said, I subject you to:

Concupiscent Amorist

My emotions pound on all opportunities
be it friend, foe, or stranger.
Heedless of convention-
Heedless of morals-
Heedless of retribution-
A candle
flickering through time,
Dancing with love tinged memories,
And snaking through my thoughts
at the pace of confusion.
Melded with fear-
Steeped in loneliness,
I suffer undirected love,
Unsatisfied lust,
And fear of my own potential:
What be the conquest of my power if unleashed?
The thought is limitless,
The answer impossible.
I suffer a knot tied by my hands
Yet have control within to set myself free.
I must wait
'til either desire reduces me to attack...
or love evolves me to accept.

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