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Dark Knight

Monday, August 4, 2008
Dark Knight

There are likely to be spoilers, so if you haven't seen the latest Batman, stop here.

We finally went out on another adult date night. (: Our last one was back in spring, so we were due. Decided to take Mark out to see The Dark Knight for his birthday (which is actually on Wednesday). We stopped at Moe's Grill for dinner. It's like a subway for mexican food-- both pretty tasty, and pretty cheap (:

Got to see some good previews for other upcoming movies we're going to want to see. But mostly, this is about The Dark Knight (;

We LOVED it! And even when we buy our copy to own, our boys will not be allowed to watch it yet. My first favorite, distrubing part involved the pencil magic trick. It's disturbing. It's wrong... and it's still funny.

The first time he pulled out his lucky coin, I thought, "...Now wait a minute...".... the second time he pulled out his lucky coin, I leaned over to Mark and whispered "That's going to be Two Face." LOL-- after the movie, in the ladies restroom, another woman began telling a story similar to this, except when she leaned over to her boyfriend and said the same thing, unlike Mark who nodded and said yes, he told her it couldn't be. LOL

I liked how the joker seemed to be asking for help-- asking for -someone- to stop him. "Hit me" when being charged by the bike. Giving a loaded gun to Two Face and putting it to his own head. Laughing as though he's won when being dropped from the building.

He's -really- good at the setup for a plan...and then not following the plan. That's evident from the very beginning with the bank robbery. He really is psychotic. Chaos in human form. Tell you where your love is and the DA...but tell you opposite, knowing you'd choose the girl. Warn people away from the bridges and tunnels...because the real focus of the attack will be the ferries.

And that right there is one of my two absolute FAVORITES part of the movie-- when it came down to it-- the large, imposing, scary inmate, who walks over to tell him "I'll do what you should have done 10 minutes ago"-- and throws it out the window. And the vote on the innocents boat where a majority voted to do it-- but instead of doing it, the man holding the control says "We're still here-- which means THEY haven't done it either."...And the complete disappointment of the joker that his experiment failed.

My second favorite part was the very end of the movie. LOL-- where the movies gets it title from (: I liked that.

It wasn't until we started driving home that I had my first "OH WAIT!" Moments. See, when we kept seeing Gordon's son, there was this little niggle in the back of my head going "I didn't know he had a son...."...but I wasn't making the connection. Then, when two face held his entire family hostage-- I realized he was now COMMISSIONER Gordon...and you never see his daughter's face. Since she'll eventually be Bat Girl (;

We'll definitely be owning this movie... and NOT letting my little boys watch it.

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