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Earth Day Project

Monday, April 20, 2009

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So my oldest came home from school today, telling me he had a homework assignment to get on the computer and see what we can do to make a greener earth. And that it needed to be turned in tomorrow, so he gets credit for it in time for Earth Day.

So we did a quick Google search for just that, and as we read it, we decided to come up with a DIFFERENT list.

Instead of going to school tomorrow with a list of things that CAN be done, he's going to school tomorrow with a list of things we're -already- doing!

(Figured I'd share the list (; )

What our family is doing to make a greener world:

1. We recycle our cans, plastics and cardboard every week.
2. We have a compost pile.
3. We use and re-use the fabric shopping bags instead of plastic.
4. We keep our house set for 72 degrees year round, and turn it off on nice days.
5. We have changed almost ALL of our light bulbs to the new CFL variety.
6. We try to buy Energy Efficient Products-- our fridge, freezer, washer, water
heater and ceiling fans are all Energy Stars.
7. Our water heater is set at 120 degrees to save energy, and the sinks in both
bath rooms only run cold water. Most of the laundry is washed in cold water
as well.
8. When we leave a room or the house, we make sure to turn off the lights,
television and fans.
9. We have planted a vegetable garden and an herb garden as well, and have
already started eating from them!
10. We have also planted grass and wild flowers.
11. I (meaning my oldest) planted apple seeds, and just this past weekend, they
have started to sprout.
12. I (still meaning my son ((: ) also bring in caprisun pouches, cookie bags, box
tops, and soda tabs to my school.

There are a couple of other things we do-- the dryer is always set for the lowest heat setting.
We've sealed all the windows and doors as best we could without replacing them yet.
I don't drive like a maniac-- heck, I don't drive much at all, and try to run as many errands at once to reduce the number of trips I make.
When we get six packs, I make sure to cut the plastic rings so birds and animals won't get stuck in them.
I fill my dishwasher completely full before running it, and don't bother pre-rinsing (It doesn't need it.).
For the past 2 months, we've been turning off the heat/ air on nice days, opening up the windows and putting a couple of ceiling fans on low. I DID learn, while researching that we want to make sure they're running counter clock wise in summer for a 5 degree cooler feeling.
It seems almost inconsequential, but I also do hand me downs with the boys clothing, and when I go through our things twice a year, I pass it on to friends, family, or goodwill.
Mark and I get most of our bills on-line, and pay most of them directly, to reduce the amount of paper used. Even the majority of my pictures never make it out of the computer and on to paper (:

There are so many things we do every single day, that I take for granted that they're actually GOOD for our planet... It's becoming a habit!

And we're doing our best to spread the information (: That's part of why this is here!

For more suggestions and tips on things to do, check out this website:


So how will WE do more for Earth Day? I'm thinking, as the weather is supposed to be nice, our television isn't going to know what 'on' is... nor my computer, at least not during day light. We'll spend the day outside (: Catch up on my gardening. Play in the yard. Walk the dogs. Ride bikes.

You get the idea (;

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