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First week

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Current mood: anxious
So today is my second day of school in 8 years. I have to admit, I woke up this morning a little less than enthusiastic (lol). There's just SO much that I have to do-- I have 15 weeks to get my substitutions in order to make sure that I'm on track for all of the courses I'd taken so long ago.... I've only been working on the general education portion of it, and already, that's 16 forms to get filled out and double (if not triple) signed.

I'm at the first of my big 'breaks'-- As I signed up for classes so late, I'm only enrolled in 3, but I'll be lurking through out the day on Web Express to see if an opening appears in either of the two classes that I HAVE to have in order to make any progress in the education department. Keep your fingers crossed for me! (lol) And I can't decide if I'm hoping more that no opening will show up so I'm easing my way back into school, or if BOTH openings line up so that I can just power my way through those 2 pesky classes (;

My youngest is adapting to daycare/ pre-school (: It only took a week of tears, but yesterday, when I was picking him up, and asked how his day went, he proudly proclaimed, "I had a good day Momma. And even though I still missed you, I didn't cry at ALL today!" ((: It's hard to believe that he's going to be 4 on Friday!

My oldest is doing well-- this week is all review at school. I still can't believe he's in second grade already! Where did the last 7 years go so fast?!?!

Missing Mark. Glad he's getting to go to Gen Con with one of his best friends, but we're still missing him. At least there's cell phones! (:

And Mark's Dad has been a -tremendous- help this week! There's no way I could have done it without him. He's been taking care of Grandmother so that I can come to school, first while trying to get everything squared away, just so I could start, and now that classes have started. We're going to be moving Grandmother over to his house next week. We'll start moving some of her things over this weekend, but we need to wait for Mark to get back home before we move the beds and her.

SO many changes!!! Just trying to take each thing as it comes so it doesn't get overwhelming.

Off to lunch (: Going to need my energy to get through the rest of the day!

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