Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fitful Sleeping

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fitful Sleeping

Current mood: exhausted

It rained last night, but instead of making it restful last night-- it woke me up. So did Mark stealing all of the covers and the house getting cold. Not to mention having to get up to use the restroom. (lol) But what has me starting my day exhausted wasn't Mark's alarm clock going off an hour before mine. Nor the cats deciding I could keep them warm. Nor even the stuffy nose that required waking up to blow so I could breathe in my sleep. Nope. What has left me exhausted this morning was the vivid dreaming.

I won't bother giving names, as only a few people will recognize them. But the last one I had, I was at a Lowe's, in Scotland, looking for the tree of life and collecting a treasure of small precious rocks.

Why? They were all needed for the prenupt ceremony for a friend of mine's from college... Yeah...In reality, she's already married, but dreams don't care about that (lol). To top it off, the lawyer in charge, and who was teaching us the prenuptual ceremony rituals was my college theatre department director. Absolutely beautiful contracts, by the way. And the tree of life? Could be a bonsai garden-- not even 7 inches tall. Just before waking, I found it. Exactly where you'd expect it to be at a Lowe's-- in the lawn and garden section. (lol)

Then my alarm clock blared off, telling me it was time to return to reality and start my day. So here I am, fuzzy headed, overly tired, with a busy day ahead of me, and hoping I can fit a nap in at some point (; We'll see. Maybe a mug of warm tea will get me going.... (as she heads off to the kitchen to make said mug of tea)...

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