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Fool’s War

Monday, April 14, 2008
Fool’s War
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(: So it's official! We've been attending events and playing in the SCA for a whole year now! And I had an absolute BLAST! If you'd told me a year ago that I would be merchanting in a year, an officer for my local shire, and learning to play the doumbek and bellydance, I'd have told you that you were dreaming (: But it's all TRUE!

I got there about 5:30 in the morning, having decided I didn't want to sleep in the rain (: LOL-- so I ended up setting up in it instead! And it pretty much rained off and on until almost 2 in the afternoon. I made a grand total of just over $80, but all in all, considering that 1. it rained most of the day, 2. most of my product is pretty cheaply priced, and 3. no one was looking for or expecting me BECAUSE it was my first event --to be honest, I had more than one person say to me "Oh no! I came shopping for garb (or armor, or leather, etc.)! I don't have any money left!.... When's your next event?!?", that wasn't a bad take. It covered the gas (: And I got to drum pretty much ALL day (: My neighbor merchants enjoyed it. It actually drew customers-- and I even had some people who just wanted to come drum with me, or dance infront of my stall! (: And I learned a LOT about merchanting in the SCA, from one single afternoon of doing it!

I had SO MUCH FUN! From getting to visit with my shire friends-- I haven't laughed so hard since the LAST time we all got together (: There are so many QUOTES. LOL. From "You're such a Renaissance Woman, you're -before- your time." to "Luke, I am your mother!" (; It was just GREAT. I wish I could remember Adam's quip. It belongs on the list of Fool's War Quotes (:

And the food! Goodness! The food! Mark scoffed at me because all I brought were deamed "snack" foods in his opinion-- and for dinner, Alienor fed me casadias while offering me space and shelter in her tent, Adam brought me some of Anthionette's absolutely divine hot soup, Tibetti gave me barbequed chicken and hotdog, and I finally had to turn down the most appealing offer of goulash from Herr Andreas and Herrine Katharina for lack of room in a well stuffed stomache (:

And the drumming! Oh my! LOL. I'm sure ya'll are going to get tired of hearing me talking about the drumming (: I had an absolute BLAST! LOL. I won't bore you with the details, but I got to drum with advanced drummers, who actually stopped by to join me (: And we were GOOD! And it turns out that I "know" the advanced techniques, now I just need to have the courage to give them a try and practice, practice, practice (: For all of the really great drummers, I asked how long they'd been at it, and got answers ranging from 8 years to 25! That -seriously- gives me hope (: And even got to impress a couple that I've only been playing since September (: It's coming! It's coming (: And I'm so very, very excited by the number of shire members who want to learn how to drum! (: Yippee!

OH! Oh! MUST share my number one happy dance moment! When I saw so many of us wearing our shire badges! Woo-hoo!!! There were so many of us there, and everyone I saw remembered their badges! I'm so proud and excited for us!!! Go Flintmarsh! Go Flintmarsh! (: LOL-- and I'm not sure how or why, but we were even in the Fools War site hand out as "Flintmartians They really DO exist!" (: It was GREAT!

Just have to bring my guys again next year (: I think they'd have had as wonderful a time as I did! And as long as Mark keeps working on his armor, he'll be one of those fighters I could hear having such a wonderful time on the field (:

And I have to admit I was impressed-- not only with how period our camp site is starting to look-- the canvas tents are AWESOME folks! but with how helpful everyone was! I could not have set up, nor taken down without all the help, and I REALLY, REALLY appreciate it! Thank you everyone, even if you don't read the blogs and get to know you were appreciated (:

I believe Fool's War has made it onto our list of "Events You Just DON'T Miss"! (:

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