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Garden Update!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

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Wow! Today has certainly been a very 'blog' intensive day (lol). But I realized as I was flipping through that the last time I wrote anything about my gardens, it was still March! And a lot has happened since then!

First, in the second week of April, we had a freeze. Yup. Two nights down at freezing. I did my best to prep my plants for it.

Some of them, I simply moved into the shed:

But for the ones that were too large, or had already started climbing, I couldn't do that. So I wrapped them in layers of black trash bag and hoped for the best.

I was really worried that I was going to lose the morning glories, and I DID lose
a couple of the trailers, but all in all, they're doing pretty well now.

My blackberry has put on some height:

And Mark has started teasing me about growing corn in the front yard for what is supposed to be my flower beds (;

And I'm VERY proud of the companion gardens so far!

Most of what should be is starting to flower (: The tomato is covered in roughly a dozen tomatoes! I've already picked the first red and the first large green ((: (lol) The really funny thing is that BOTH are going to be served with bacon (; The red for a classic BLT, and the green for a fried green tomato with bacon and swiss cheese sandwich.

Looks like rabbits got to the lettuce doesn't it? (; Nope. Just me making a salad for Wednesday ((: What's amazing to me is that they're already starting to form new fresh leaves to replace the ones I took!

I can hardly believe this one-- the eggplant is starting to bud, as is the cucumber-- and the cucumber is also starting to climb the trellis! The garlic, turnips and parsnips are all coming along nicely and the bell peppers! Just look at them! I already have several little white flowers and well over a dozen on each plant more
budding! ((:

Seriously, go back a couple of blogs and look at the when this pot started. You won't believe it's the same one (: I hope I'm as proud of it come the end of the growing season as I am now!

Now, my strawberries, due to all the rain we'd been getting had started to rot 2 weeks ago, and I thought I was going to have to throw them away... but they seem to be coming back.

Although the fruit it's producing is still VERY small. I'm thinking I might not have them in big enough baskets...but I just provided them with plant food yesterday, in the possibility that they might not have enough nutrients. I'm thinking that I'll be moving them into the ground this upcoming weekend, if I decide to go ahead and start my third and final companion garden. I've been holding off on it because I'll need to start them all from seed, and because they all require waiting for the last freeze to pass (; If I DO move the strawberries to the ground, I'm going to put them by the back gate not 7 feet away. Hoping that if I do, they'll start growing wild and come back next year (;

My asparagus is very pretty, if completely unedible this year (lol). It's doing much better than I thought it was going to. I think I chose the right spot for it (:

Did I mention we had torrential rains for 2 days, not 2 days after I seeded the yards with grass and wild flowers? Here is one of the few spots they didn't wash-- and I know they're growing off and on through out the rest of the yard, so there's still hope for this year (;

The grape hasn't changed much, but the chives and marigolds are thriving! I'm thinking it might just not be getting enough sun where I want it to grow. And that'll be a pity, as I can't think of anywhere else in our yard that it might get more light.....unless I move the strawberries (;

I'm pleased with the corn-- they're doing MUCH better than I thought they would-- the rains did a number of their soil and completely washed away the cantalope and water melon sprouts that had started...right now, I'm watering the whole area because I -think- those sprouts were simply moved to the right. We'll see. If not, I'm going to have lovely wild flowers in my corn (;

That's part of what makes it my 'experimental' garden (; Although, being honest, ALL of them are experimental (lol) (;

I was also worried about the boys gardens. They'd chosen all annuals-- and had already lost all save 1 flower EACH! But when I went out to check them yesterday, I saw that new flowers have started for both of them and should be blooming again soon (:

My youngests (you can tell by all the sand still on top (lol)).

And my oldest's.

I know the boys are going to be pleased when they really start getting some color again!

And although I didn't get pictures of the herb garden (I believe the rosemary is well on it's way to dead...as is the sugar substitute plant. I think I companioned those ones poorly.), the chives and garlic chives have started sprouting, and I used the parsleys, mint, and oregano to make dinner one night a couple of weeks ago-- the equivalent of home made hamburger helper (; And EVERYONE cleared their plates! Mark, BOTH boys, AND Grandmother! And -that- almost never happens! I was so pleased!!! ((:

All in all, I'm pleased with the progress my gardens are making...and considering making some expansions into the front yard (; We'll see if I do it, or if I just hold off until next year.

I haven't decided yet. (;

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