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Here comes Halloween...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

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(musical notes floating around the house)....

That song's been flitting in and out of my thoughts for the last couple of days...

The fact that I have a gingerbread haunted house and nine jack-o-lanterns... plus an endless run of kids shows on tv is probably helping (;

I've only got 3 more pumpkins to convert. They're all turning out so lovely this year. I'll have to get them posted in my pics (: So if I'm going to make my oldest's Luto costume, it's going to have to be tomorrow. I bought him a firey costume just in case. He's still out on which on he'd rather be anyway... so of course, if I don't finish the Luto, it's going to be what he want (: I'll just get up early tomorrow. It's only going to take me a couple of hours.

We also bought a "pumpkin pie" pumpkin-- so I'm going to try my hand at making it completely from scratch. It really tickled me to see it, since I grew up under the impression that pumpkin pie filling grew on trees in that Libby's can...

We got to do 2 different fall festivals this weekend (: I went on my very first hay-ride this evening. I was _so_ thrilled! When I leaned over to tell my oldest that it was my first, he very worldly informed me that it was _his_ third: He'd been on one at the pumpkin patch, one the night before with his friends, and now this one. It was very funny the way he said it (lol) Like _I_ was the little kid on a new ride (;

Speaking of him!!! That little boy learned how to ride a bike _without_ training wheels yesterday! He'll be 5 in March. VERY proud of him (: It didn't go the way you always imagine it will-- nothing like it does on the movies. Nope. He was outside with his friend (she's 7) and they were riding bikes (his with training wheels) like they always do...then _she_ put him on her bike...and taught him how to ride! He came in and asked his daddy to take the trainers off of his--and he's been going like a pro since!

Part of the reason I went all out for Halloween is that I've been hearing that so many people don't celebrate it down here. Ba-hum-bug! That's what I say! There was even some confusion as to whether or not they would celebrate it ON Halloween. A lot of people were saying they did it on Saturday, not a school night. That turned out to be false. However! If it falls on a Friday, then it's postponed until Saturday, because that would conflict with High School Football (; Most of the kids around here will go to one of three places to trick-or-treat: The posh (read "rich") homes around either of the two local golf course, or down town to the businesses.

We're going to buck with tradition (: And visit the neighborhood! Shoot, a couple of the folks around here who've seen us taking our walks--or setting up our halloween decorations while taking their's-- are fully aware of the fact that there are _now_ 2 little boys in this mostly retirement community-- and they've made us promise to stop by (: Does my heart good!

Of course...the fact that it's my (our) 7th anniversary certainly doesn't hurt (;

(oh for a musical note key) Here comes Halloween, here comes Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...

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