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Monday, May 11, 2009

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Or, Mother's Day Weekend 2009 ((:

So Friday night, I asked my father in law to keep an eye on the boys from 6:20 to 7, believing Mark would be home at 7 (and he was, for dinner, but had to leave again at 7:20 for a final!) so that I could head over to my oldest's Karate class dojo to meet with Mr. Peterman, and discover who was joining me in doing the 5 am P90X program. There are 6 of us. 2 men, one of which is Mr. Peterman, and the rest of us are mom's of karate students (and I'm the only one not taking Karate myself).

So what is the P90X program, and how did I get involved in this? (lol) Well, not 2 weeks ago, Mark and I were discussing how we NEED to start exercising. I'm not pleased with the condition I've let my body get in, nor he his, and in the last 3 years, I've even developed sleep apnea. But I was telling him, that although I'd love to take a class, they're never offered at the time that would work for me: 5 am! At 5, he's still there, the boys are asleep and I don't have to ask anyone else to watch my kids, and I don't have to bring them with me and try to get them to behave while they're absolutely bored while I exercise. That last has even complicated me trying to do my videos at home!

So when I went to pick my oldest up from Karate last Tuesday, and his teacher started talking about offering an exercise program, free to parents, to work on losing weight/ getting in shape, that would start at 4:45 in the morning, I realized I would be -insane- to pass up on the opportunity! P90X is a program offered through Beachbody.com, that you do for 1 hour, 6 days a week, for 90 days. I should stress that it's a pretty intense, and considered extreme, workout. The only requirement from us was 1. A letter of commitment, which was explained to me as a promise to ourselves do it. 2. To show up every day M-F at 4:40 in the morning for the next 90 days to do it. and 3. That it's absolutely FREE...unless you -don't- show up (; Then, it'll cost you $5 for every day you miss. Since it started the day after Mother's Day, I decided to consider it a Mother's Day present to myself. I've been telling Mark I want to be in shape by 35... Being closer to that goal by 32 wouldn't be remiss (:

Saturday, Mark and I decided to have a nice, lazy day at home. No plans. [Which actually worked out well, as my father in law had to head to Deston to see Huebert. Huebert is Anita K and Alan's father, and he's been having a really tough time, in and out of the hospital for the last 6 months, and he's not expected to make it through the week ): He's a very nice man, about 9 years younger than Grandmother, and though I've only ever met him twice, I still remember him for his kindness and humor. So everyone is headed in to say, what is expected to be, their last good-byes.] It was a lovely morning, beautiful weather, and my oldest's friend came over and all 3 kids headed out to the backyard to play. I didn't head out with them-- they're getting old enough they don't need me -right there- as much anymore, and I know our yard is pretty safe. But I -did- periodically peak out the kitchen window to check on them.

And as I was doing it, around 11, I saw, what appeared to be, thousands of little white flowers blowing gently in the wind across our yard. I didn't remember seeing ANY of the local trees covered in white flowers like this, but I stopped to watch it. The third time it happened, I called Mark to come see it as well, and he headed out because the wind -wasn't- blowing when he came...and some of those 'flowers' were flying UP and in the opposite direction as the rest of them. He caught one, and thought it was a flying ant. But when I came out the see it, I realized it wasn't an ant-- they were termites-- and they were flying up from a stump on the other side of our fence in the neighbor's yard! -THOUSANDS- of them! Mark took some bug spray over there to stop the source from releasing anymore. When he got there, there were about 5 lizards enjoying the feast, who scuttled off when he brought the termite gyser to a halt.

I jumped on-line real fast to do a search, turns out that although only 1% of the bugs we saw drifting all across our yard will breed--- all it takes is -2- termites to start a new colony. Also turns out that termites right around Mother's Day is so frequent in different parts of the south, that it's called, "Mother's Day Snow Storm". I was already planning on calling the Orkin Man or Terminex-- sort of glad I waited, as they say that, if you've already had it treated, it might be below where the swarms goes-- but having them come in afterwards, they're more likely to get them.

Then we loaded the boys into the car and headed over to Wal-Mart. The refurbished x-box 360 really died last week. Mark fixed it, and not 1 hour of play later, it was dead again. Considering we'd been using it for both gaming and movies, for the last 3 years, and had only spent about $100 to get it back when it cost $400, we certainly got full use out of it. But we decided it was time to go replace it with a new, base model, which was only $100 more than we spent the first time.

While we were there, stopped in the sporting good area, because I'd been told that I'd need 5 lb weights and a chin up bar for the exercising-- but didn't like the purple of the weights (lol), and didn't want a chin up bar that was going to require putting holes in the door frame!

So after paying for our new console and a couple of games we've rented more than once from the movie rental place, we headed across the street to discover that our local Hibbetts had gone out of business while we weren't looking! So a quick trip to Dothan, the new shopping complex on the north end, and into Dick's, and we found 3 lb weights and 5 lb weights in acceptable colors (; And the same price, and a chin up bar we can use without putting holes up for $29. It holds itself over the door frame!

Once we got home, Mark set up the x-box, then put together the chin up bar, which we put over the hall door-- and all weekend, if I was passing under that door, I stopped to jump up, (Can't pull myself up yet, by -any- stretch of the imagination!) and would, instead, concentrate on trying to lower myself as slowly as I could (as it uses the same muscles).

And the boys headed back outside to play some more (: My youngest got his bug catcher and loaded it up with sticks (: He was telling me that it's a backpack for when he goes to school, so if his teacher asks for sticks, he'll have them already (; He's -very- excited about starting dayschool in August! I think he'll really enjoy it, and I know he's ready for it. He'd be in now, except that there aren't any opening in Ozark in his age range. I've been trying to get him in for the last 2 years-- He's on so many waiting lists, it's insane. But he's promised and reserved a spot this summer.

Anyway, I was explaining to him that his bug catcher is for bugs-- rollie pollies (to which he replied that they'd be too little and would pass through the mesh, and I conceded that little ones just might), crickets ("Those won't fall through Mommy!"), worms ("Hmmm. Worms would be a good choice Mommy!") or butterflies or lizards if he could catch them ("Those are hard to catch Mommy..."). Well, as we were discussing it, practically at my feet was one of the strangest bugs I've ever seen. I couldn't decide if I thought it was a spider or a cricket, but we put it in his bug catcher, then headed over to ask my father in law-- who didn't know what it was either. Just at that time, Mark came home and looked at it and told us, "That's a night cricket!" I tried searching Google under that, but had better luck finding it under 'strange cricket' (lol) It's called a Camel Cricket. And Mark is absolutely correct-- they usually come out at night.

On Sunday, I got up at 7 to make blueberry muffins and applewood smoked bacon for Mother's Day breakfast, and had it with my boys ((: My oldest made me a gift at school-- and nice spoon, with 4 hershey's kisses on it and a little poem on a heart tag with his picture on the other side (: I shared my kisses (: It was perfect-- there was one for each of us (: Then Mark checked the movie times, and we planned to leave for Dothan at 10:45. And my guys took me to see, "Star Trek" for Mother's Day!!!! WOO-HOO!!!

(No spoilers. It's not a deep thinking kind of movie that invokes discussion (lol)).

McCoy is -perfect-! Scotty was a perfect choice (: The movie stays within the parameters of Star Trek precidence-- though I was worried about it for about the first 20 minutes. Spock is gratifying (: There were so many times in the theatre I realized I was staring at the screen with a dopey grin on my face, or bouncing in my seat, and clapping quietly (lol). When asked if I liked it, I told Mark, "I completely geeked out!"

Mark and our boys are Star WARS fans. I grew up being a Star TREK fan, and believe me, I doubt there will be -any- Trekkies out there who see it and don't come away -completely geeked out- (;

It was a -perfect- Mother's Day present!

I went to bed at the same time the boys did Sunday night-- 8...but I was both excited about...and dreading! this morning, so it took me 2 hours to fall asleep. And I'd only been asleep 1 1/2 hours when the neighbor kid cranked up his stupid humming car. 11:30 at night and he's out there making it hum and growl! I'm going to leave a note on his car this morning-- I know from talking with other neighbors that I'm not the only one tired of the after dark car works noise. Figure if I give him a written request -before- I call the police, at least it won't be unwarned (; So anyway, all in all, I figure I got 4 hours of sleep last night, because I woke up wide awake at 3 and tried to drowse for an hour.

Got up, fixed myself 2 hard boiled eggs and an apple (didn't want to go in on a completely empty stomache!), got dressed and ready to go. Called my teammates at 4:15 to make sure they were up (: Then got to the dojo at 4:45. I was the first person there. And everyone was there by 5-- and we got started....

I hate sweating. Period. But I had already accepted that was going to happen if I did this. It did. Tomorrow, I'm bringing a towel! VERY glad for extra firm support sports bras! MAN those things have come a long way since I hit puberty! For any man unfortunate enough to still be reading, there's about to be a tmi moment, but my lady friends will completely understand when I say that it's finally nice to have a sports bra that does it's job! The girls didn't move at all! Even for running and jumping jacks!

It started with a decent warm up and some good light stretching... it is HIGHLY focused on push ups of all sorts after that! Squats. Lunges. Pilates. Yoga. Did I mention push ups? I didn't attempt to do that many push ups when I was -young- but I did my dangedest to do them today (lol). Some were easier to do than others. Some...well, all I'm going to say is at least they had modified versions I could attempt! And all 6 of us were feeling it. I'm not going to lie, if they weren't there sweating and trying right along with me, I'd have quit. Then we had a brief cool down and stretch, and I came home sopping wet, ready for a shower and some sleep, in time to get my oldest ready for school. After he headed off and I showered and had a breakfast smoothie (blueberry and banana ((: ) I -did- get to get some rest and I'm feeling MUCH better now. Not nearly as stiff or as sore as I thought I was going to be....but there's still the rest of the day and sleeping tonight to see how it really turns out (; I was SO shakey when I got home!

As I talked with Mark telling him about it on my way home (and his way to work), he encouraged me with, "Just remember how good you're going to look and feel when you're done!" (: At least I planned to have sections of it that I knew I was going to dread (; And the company SURE helps!

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