Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love crafts!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Current mood: accomplished

Just recently came to the realization that I actually love sewing garb for myself and my guys-- especially when it turns out RIGHT! Having a decent pattern certainly helps! I just finished my Turkish Dancer Garb. LOL. I've had the fabric -waiting- for almost 2 years now. Finally found the pattern worthy of my fabric (; I'll get pictures posted after going to All Things Middle Eastern this weekend (: It'll be the garb's 'debut' so to speak (; And I love knowing I can sew well enough that it feels like REAL clothes! As opposed to a 'costume'.

And I'm becoming more confident in my embroidery skill (: It amazes me the things you can learn from a good descriptive book! ... and practice. I've been playing with embroidery now for 2 years and I can tell the difference NOTICEABLY between what I started out making and what I can make now. And it gives me the confidence to try more complicated things.

And got to go to a wonderful beginning illumination class this past Sunday. I had a blast and learned a lot of things. I'd always been worried about trying illumination, that I'd be terrible at it... turns out it's just like painting (LOL) (; It's very relaxing-- so easy to just BE in the moment working on it. I'll have to try it again when I'm done getting my guys garb up to par with mine.

That's my next MAJOR project-- regarbing my guys. I now have a good pattern for Mark, and my boys might have outgrown their garb from February... I'll have to try to get them in it to see. I'm excited to see it turn out as well as the last garb did. It's a far cry from the first garb my eldest wore 3 years ago, I promise you (:... and he's thankful for it.

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