Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love my boys (:

Friday, April 18, 2008

Current mood: amused

I finally hung up my son's small planets around their room the other day. And the first thing they wanted me to do was point at and name all of the planets. So this morning, my youngest wants to be picked up, and as we stand in their room, he points to one and says "What's that?" And I said "Jupiter." So he pointed at the next one and said "That's Saturn?" And I said "Yes! Good Job! That's Saturn!" And pointing to the next one said, "and that's Uranus" to which he responded "Yup. That's Myanus." (:

And my oldest, while we're eating out at Sonic (first trip for the family), decides he wants dessert. So I ask him which picture he wants, and he says "The strawberry one" So I ask "The Sundae?" And he says "Down on the right"... A couple of moments pass and Mark and our youngest chime in their orders, and my oldest asks "What's today?" And I answer "Friday". So he pipes in with "I want a Strawberry Icecream Friday Mom!" (:

I LOVE my kids and seeing the way their minds work (: They are so very definitely MY kids (LOL). Even if most people don't think they look anything like me (:

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