Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm not a blogger

Thursday, March 26, 2009

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(lol) Which seems kind of funny, as this is a blog (;

I was checking my subscriptions and it took me to my "Blog Control Center" and for the first time ever, I looked at my total number of posts. Appears I've done 171 of these not blogs.

And I started wondering, at what point do you consider yourself a blogger?

I don't do this every day. Oh sure, there are sometimes a rash of them-- up to 3 in a single day. But there are usually weeks, if not months between them.

And I don't -generally- cover the news. Or pop culture. Or even the details of the arts and crafts stuff I do that other people could follow as an example. I just cover what's going on in my life and sometimes, just what's going on in my head (lol). Admittedly, sometimes there's a lot of research involved in that, but that's because I love researching and sharing what I find (;

To be honest, I tend to use this as a journal. Dreams. Recipes. Holidays. My family. Whatever. And like the rest of my journals, be they the paper kind or the ones I kept in Microsoft word-- I don't write down what I mind someone else reading. Call it too many instances of knowing my mother or sister picked the paper ones up as a kid (;

I love that MySpace allows me to input pictures and captions and animated clips, because, save for the clips, that's something I've always done with my journals (: Has always made for thick paper journals...and a LOT of memory in MSWord (;
I've even periodically gone back and picked up journals I kept as a kid/teenager, and there's some pretty cool stuff in there (:

So no, I'm not a blogger. But I am a random journal keeper who doesn't bother putting a lock on her diary (;

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