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Thursday, April 09, 2009

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I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I'm always impressed with the enormity of my boys imaginings and thought process.

Yesterday, as I was getting my youngest ready for bed, I snuggled up to him and asked, "How was your day?" (We'd ridden bikes, gone to Dothan for some shopping, ate out at Chick Fil A, played outside, played x-box, and watched movies of his choice throughout the course of the day.) And he got such a serious, sad look on his face, and said, "Not good Mommy. Not good."

Surprised, I asked why, and he told me, "My day just disappeared! It was over too fast, and now it's all gone and it won't come back!" I asked him if he'd enjoyed what we'd done during the day and he told me, "Yes. But now it's all gone forever. It's night time. It's bedtime. And my day is over forever!"

He was practically on the verge of tears that his good day was over, so I told him, "It's okay baby! That's the nature of days! Don't worry. There'll be a brand new day tomorrow when you wake up to enjoy." He told me okay, and then, when he got up this morning, told me, "Look Momma! A brand new day!" ((:

My oldest will be starting spring break tonight. And last Thursday, they were sent home with an assignment for today-- to create a 'box' for an egg drop. On Friday, he told me that he wanted to build a parachute. And I told him we could put it on a cup, with some foam for padding on the inside...and he and his Daddy built it while I was in Natchitoches-- and you know what? It WORKS! He had a -great- idea, and he and Mark executed it beautifully! So today, they're going to have a cherry picker and be dropping their eggs from 30 feet up in the air (: I know my boy will be proud of his design. And rightfully so!

Well, after he left for school, my youngest asked me to follow him into their room and turn on the light-- but the fan was on and it was making the room cold, so I climbed up into his bed and snuggled under his blankets and asked if he wanted to join me in the caveman cave to get out of the cold, cold winter. (: He did, and brought a keychain with a flashlight, "So we can see in the dark of the cave, and so I can lock the cave."

Then we went ice fishing. Got a huge stack of them off on the side, but I wasn't allowed to eat any of them because they were too cold! Then he told me we could peak out and watch the giant Mammoths walking around.

Then he opened the cave to bring in a good giant bat-- "It was cold Mommy." And proceeded to hang it from my knee so it could sleep upside down.

Then he opened the cave to let in a tiny girl-- "But she'll sleep upside right Momma."

Then he let in a giant Mammoth that lay down on his left side next to the ice fish (; I told him, with it being so cold, maybe we should start a fire. So he started one, then pulled out stick and marshmallows (;

That's when he let in the hungry giant Sabertooth tiger-- and fed it toasted marshmallows because it was a good one that wasn't going to eat us (;

It just amazes me how smart and clever and funny and creative my little boys are. I'm so -proud- of them!

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