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It's Autumn, Halloween and

Friday, October 6, 2006

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I'm HAPPY!! I love watching everything change colors. I'm going to be taking the boys for _several_ walks over then next month. Give them a chance to _see_ things changing (: Besides, it's starting to cool down a little.

Very excited--bought fall themed place settings today (Big Cheesy Grin). Doesn't that just make me sound like a dork? Well, I am, so it fits (; Anywho, I'd been eyeballing them for the past two months and finally broke down and got them-- it's fall, my son just had a fall party at school yesterday...and did I already mention how much I enjoy this season?

Tomorrow, I'm pulling my fall and Halloween decorations out of storage. Very excited about it. If you ever get the chance (and your into unusual decoration ideas) check out Stromboli's Wagon on e-bay. Great seller. Amazing stuff!

I headed to the local nursery this morning--was disappointed-- NO pumpkins or gourds of any kind! I left my name and number and a message to call me if they plan to carry them. I refuse to get my pumpkins at Wal-Mart...and considering my family celebrates Halloween like most people celebrate...well, not quite like Christmas or Thanksgiving...but much more than say Groundhog Day or Labor Day...We decorate almost every room inside the house and get between 5 and 12 pumpkins and I like having a large variety of types to choose from. You can make some really great jack-o-lanterns with the large flat dark orange ones, and the white, green and striped pumpkins are pretty cool all on their own...anyway, we end up spending at least $50 on pumpkins... and Wal-Mart has a lousy selection. SO--when we head out of town (by 30 minutes) tomorrow, I'll be checking out -their- local nurseries to see what my options are. If I have to, I'll be ordering seeds on-line and grow my own for next year (:

While about tomorrow, we'll also be scouting the local fabric stores so that I can start making my boys' Halloween costumes (: I've made them every year. This year, I'll need to make a vest for me, some red-striped jammies for my youngest, and an orange yeti (look it up on Google Images) costume for my oldest... and what does all that mean we're going to be? Have you seen "The Labyrinth"? I'll be dressed as Sarah, my youngest will be going as Toby, and my oldest wants to be Luto. My husband doesn't want to play this year, or I'd be getting him dressed up like Jareth. Last year, my boys were Mr. Potato Head and Woody from Toy Story. Year before that, my oldest was Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And his first Halloween, he debuted as a cow and I dressed like a farmer (:

It makes a lot more sense when you account for the fact that this Halloween will be my (our) 7th wedding anniversary. And for our wedding reception, it was costumed. My mother came dressed as a cow. So for my oldest's first Halloween, so was he--and I sent her a picture of him, a copy of the picture of her and a little note "Look who he takes after!" Since last year was my youngest's first, he needed to be Mr. Potato Head, since that's the costume my father-in-law wore at the reception...ditto on the pictures and note, just to the in-law side of the family (:

We start planning our costumes 4-5 months in advance and I keep and eye out for anything that will work with it along the way. But I wait to start any actual sewing until the first full weekend in October--just to make sure it's still going to fit the boys by the time Halloween rolls around.

For me, Halloween starts the Holiday Season (:

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