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It’s the Best Day Eeeee-Veeerrrr!

Monday, September 15, 2008

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Okay, so my birthday -officially- starts in 15 minutes, but because that's a Monday, and my oldest will spend 8 1/2 hours at school, and my husband will leave before I'm awake and not really come home until after I'm asleep, we decided to celebrate today (:

They started by letting me sleep in until after 8! And my boys and I had a nice, relaxing wonderful morning (: I made us fried eggs on toast with orange slices on the side for breakfast, then we all watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" on television. After that, I got Grandmother ready for the day, and it was time for Mark and I to head out to Dothan if we were going to make it for the 2 pm showing of "House Bunny" that I'd looked on line Saturday to confirm. Mark's Dad came over, took the boys to their Uncle's house and they spent most of the time playing with one of their cousins (:

So Mark and I get to Dothan, get to the theatre, purchase our tickets, get refreshments and head into the show.... only to realize as we sit down that it's already started....... And it's not at the beginning.

So we immediately walk back out to ask about it, and I explain that I was under the impression it started at 2. Nope. It started at 1:29. But she was great about it. Asked if we wanted to exchange the tickets for the 4:10 showing and come back, or if we just wanted our money back. We chose to wait. And as we were leaving the place, Mark asked me what I wanted to do. I said, "There's not anything I want to do. I guess we can go back to the house and let Dad know it's a mix up and will start at 4." And he said, "Want to go to the mall?" Hello! Yes! I hadn't even considered going to the mall (and that right there should tell you how infrequently I go!, But in case you're wondering, I haven't been in the mall since last spring (or was it last fall?) when my friends Becki, Renee, Jess and I went out on a girls day.)

So my honey took my shopping!!!! We walked all the way to the other side of the mall to walk our way back (: First stop-- Payless. I got to try on over a dozen different shoes, but there was only one pair I really liked-- and got them!! Absolutely adorable chocolate brown wedges that look like a decorated ballet shoe from the front (:

Then, one of my all time favorite stores, that I usually try to avoid like the plague because I can't NOT buy something from them when I go it: Claire's Boutique! I have to admit, having looked through my treasures after we got home, I am definitely bohemian and hippie in my tastes (lol) (: And I'm also glad that what -I- like tends to circulate back into fashion every 10 years or so (: So about the time what I bought the first go round is really falling apart-- I can replace it with similar but different ((:

And I got my ears pierced!!! Went for the third holes a fourth time (: I've been contemplating doing it again for years. I've always wanted to have three (even when I was a little girl, I envisioned having three when I grew up), and finally had the opportunity. I asked her to put them in the same spot (seriously, you can't miss it-- there's a dent in my ears (well....there -was- a dent in my ears...there's NOW a hole with a stud earring in it (; ) where the previous attempts were. Learned a lot this time, that explained why they got infected the last three times. 1. Don't use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol-- they can break down the metal in the earrings and cause (dun dun dun!) infections. 2. I got white gold. Previously it was always the cheapest stud-- with stainless steel, and a small percentage of nickel-- which can also lead to infections. And 3. When she did it, she told me to keep my head straight. This one isn't as obvious, but all 3 previous times, the ladies had tipped my head-- and in the process, they nicked the cartilage in my left ear all three times, and that was the ear that always got infected. When the young woman did it today, she did NOT nick the cartilage. Mark asked me how I knew. I gave him half the answer. (lol). One, it burns when it's nicked, and not when it's not. The part I didn't mention is you can -hear- your ears being pierced. And nicking cartilage has a distinct 'crunch' that regular piercing doesn't have. Having had my cartilage nicked three times previously, I can't envision ever attempting any further holes and piercing through it on purpose (though I've been told by every person who's pierced my ears from the second time and after that I have 'the perfect ears for 3, 4 or even 5 holes if I wanted.' )

So, VERY excited about that (: I couldn't stop smiling after it was done. LOL-- I was smiling so much, so big, and so happy, it was infectious and the clerks couldn't stop smiling back (: Serious joy. The kind that overflows and splashes strangers (: (If you know me, you've seen it happen before (lol)).

So then we walked through Hot Topic. I so very much enjoy this store. It's not 'me' or my style, most of the time, but I still enjoy looking through it and listening to the music. And usually, I go in there for the things that AREN'T t-shirts. In that, they were disappointing. I'm going to have to -see- Twilight before I want to get anything from it. And the other shows, etc. they were doing, I didn't recognize this go round. So we walked out, happy to have browsed (:

And crossed the hall to go into Borders. This is another type of store I usually avoid like the plague--Book stores. I'm a big fan of Amazon and other online retailers for books because I can get them for so much less than a brick and mortar-- and that includes shipping. But like a Claires, if I make it through the door, I'm pretty much guaranteed to walk out with a bag. I really want to get the Nora Roberts Circle of 7 Trilogy... but book 3 doesn't come out until November-- and I refuse to buy her books without having all of the ones in a series. I can't stand having to wait for the next one. I want to devour them as soon as I have them. Harry Potter was torture. Jean Auel is -still- torturing me. Stephen King finally ended my suffering when he came out with the last of the Dark Tower books. Robert Jordan will never get the chance....So anyway, I saw the first two books, but not the third, so I asked the clerk if it was out (and you already know, since I've already covered it, what the answer was) so I put those two books down. If I have to wait, I'll wait for the whole thing. So we got Mark two books-- one that I'm going to have to go through as well, on master woodworking, and one that I'm not going to go through on all the different air crafts that have been made in history and to date. For me, we got the Morrigan's Cross Nora Roberts Trilogy, and another book I'm being too lazy to go look at the title of, but when I enter it into my face book "I'm reading section" I'll know (lol). And we got my oldest's first Christmas present-- A Calvin and Hobb's collection (: It's time to introduce my new reader to comics!!! And no better way to do that than with a GREAT comic (:

By the time we did all that, it was time to go watch our movie, so I called Mark's Dad to let him know (which in retrospect we should probably have done as soon as we found out...) and we walked back into the theatre with our popcorn (which we used the car and sun to keep warm (lol)), and got a free refill on our drink and watched "House Bunny". VERY funny (: Much enjoyed. Ended up laughing a LOT. Definitely going to have to own this one... and not let the boys watch (lol).

Came home afterwards, to two little boys who had a wonderful adventurous day with their Grandpa-- after they visited their Uncle (okay, their cousin, who happens to live with their Uncle (lol)), they headed out to the lake and got to feed the ducks, and then they got to come home and run around the yard mostly bare foot (lol). We visited with Dad for a while, thanked him for watching them for so long (it was -supposed -to be a 3 hour date and had turned into a -6- hour one!), and Mark tossed the football with our oldest, and our youngest tossed the football with me (: Then Mark and elder headed to Wal-Mart so he could choose a birthday present for me (Mark took younger yesterday-- my oldest was sick yesterday and didn't feel up to going.).

While I got Grandmother bathed, my guys got my presents all set up for me and made me birthday brownies! And told me not to look and not to peek, so a couple of times I walked down the hall with eyes shut tight (: And once I got Grandmother back to her room, my boys had me close my eyes, then took my hands and led me into the dining room. My oldest said "Okay Mom, Open your eyes!" And as I did, my youngest chimed in with "Surprise!" (: All three of my guys had gotten me cards-- and all three cards were the noisy kind (lol). My oldest got a funny one where the voices are going to help blow out the candle...and begin to choke from smoke inhalation because there are so many candles.... My youngest got me one where Lucy is being kissed by Snoopy and objecting to doggy kisses... which is really funny since our dog Isabeau is always kissing our kids (lol). And Mark got me the one from Kung Fu Panda that plays the song "Kung Fu Fighting" (: It was a blast just opening the cards! My kids will be playing with them for days (lol). But the -presents-!!! I have never had such -perfect- birthday presents before -ever-!!!

First, my friend Teresa sent me an old world style, done in puzzle form, globe! I've always wanted an old world globe and I absolutely adore puzzles!!!

My husband asked me what I wanted (before he took my oldest to WalMart) and I said "Maybe Wall-e for x-box? The boys are really interested in playing it."... And you know what my oldest son got me? .....He got me Laura Croft. He told his daddy, when Mark asked him about getting me Wall-e, "No Daddy. Momma's going to get that for me for Christmas. I want to get something for -her-. Wall-e is for me."

And my very thoughtful and considerate 6 year old also took his daddy to the jewelry counter and picked out the -perfect- locket! Silver-- with a butterfly, that I can put a picture of each of my boys in (: It's my first 'mother' present from my baby!!! And it's absolutely PERFECT! I love it! And more importantly, I love him (:

All the while that I'm getting these two, my youngest is antsily asking his father when it's his turn to give me presents (: My youngest (with the help of his daddy) got me Dance Dance Revolution!!! I've been eyeballing it for 2 years (before they came out with a 360 compatible version even!) (: I've promised my boys I'm not going to open either of the games until we can all three of us play them tomorrow night (: AND he got me two match box cars from the movie Cars. Sally and Lighting. He absolutely insisted to his daddy that he wanted to get me my own play car-- and that it HAD to be Sally. Unfortunately, when the went to Wal-Mart yesterday, there weren't any. So today, my sneaky husband, while I was getting pierced ears at Claires, slipped across the hall to K B Toys and found it (: So my littlest boy could give me my very own Sally car (: And as I was looking at it, he said "See Momma? Sally's -your- car." (: I love that little boy (:

And last, but certainly not least, my honey set out, in a very nice presentation, all the goodies we got today-- PLUS he got me a couple of really cool puzzles AND a rolling storage case for my sewing machine!!!! I didn't even know I wanted one until I saw it (lol). It not only makes sure I have my cord with my machine-- it keeps it out of the dust!!! AND has room for my thread, pins, patterns, scissors, etc!!! All in one convenient easy to carry, and easier to roll package!

I love my honey (: And I love how thoughtful my children and husband are! They very specifically chose for me the presents they got me-- they THOUGHT about them! They cared to think about them (: I felt so very completely loved tonight (: That right there is the BEST present I got tonight (:

Since it was fast approaching 8:30, and today (it's now been my birthday for 68 minutes (lol)) is a school day, we held off on the brownies and I've promised my boys we'll have them for breakfast (: My little ones got ready for bed, I read them two stories that they greatly enjoyed, sang to them, and they went to bed without fuss.

This has been the BEST birthday celebration I have -ever- had!

AND after a long discussion with Mark yesterday, I finally know what 'career' I want to pursue. The irony of it, of course, is that it's what I wanted to do the entire time I was growing up. As I came to the realization yesterday, I quipped "So 5 year old Janin knew what she wanted to do all along!".

I emailed Troy State in Troy to see about transferring in and completing my Bachelor's, so I can go on to getting a Masters in Education-- Art, Theatre and English. I wouldn't mind teaching high school. I'd prefer to teach college. I won't teach elementary school. I don't have the patience for that many small children. I at least know enough about myself to spare all of us that agony (lol). But I do well with older. And I -love- teaching. It's obvious in the additional 'homework' I create for my kids. It's obvious in how I approach the SCA. It was obvious before I started college. Now, I just have to work towards making it reality (:

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