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"It’s not like there are any Hawaiians in the Wiregrass."

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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OL. Okay, so the day I've thought about has finally come to pass. It went like this:

Mark has been sick for the last 3 days and I haven't slept in the last 3 days because of it-- so today, I told him he was going to the doctor.

We have a walk-in clinic up the road from us, and they don't do appointments, so I drove him up there are we sat to wait. It was a pretty full room. Almost directly across from us was a young military family. And after about 20 minutes of just waiting, she was talking on her phone-- and then started talking about the spouses learning the hula, and how she wished she knew more about Hawaii-- but "It's not like there are any Hawaiians in the Wiregrass."

To which I laughed, raised my hand and said, "I am." (: She and another woman are coordinating a party for the soldiers about to be deployed in April.

We spent the next half hour talking and she now has some good resources for decorations: Oriental Trading Company, Amazon for authentic Hawaiian music, how to search for Hawaiian food, even though she won't find all the ingredients locally, and to check out the cultural dance center in Georgia-- she might actually find performers willing to do the Hula or to come out to teach the hula to the spouses, but she'll have to ask.

And then it was her turn to see the doctor.

On an aside, turns out Mark has the flu. He didn't escape it as well as we'd hoped. Now, I need to get plenty of rest so -I- don't catch it from him after avoiding catching it from the boys!

Aloha (:

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