Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just in case you were wondering, I’m not a vampire

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just in case you were wondering, I'm not a vampire

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Or "We just saw Twilight".

Don't worry. No spoilers.

(: No, this blog is all about me (;

So Mark and I headed to our local theatre tonight-- him wearing a long sleeved shirt with a fleece jacket, me wearing a long sleeved button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and no jacket at all.

I'll say right now, if you ever have the choice between going to the Ozark Movie theatre and somewhere else-- go the somewhere else. Seriously. First, as we walked in, all you could hear was the sound of speakers turned up too loud with nothing coming out of them. And the screen started 3 feet to the left...and partially out of focus-- never fixed the focus thing. And the splicing was done poorly. The splice was upside downs and the vocals backwards (lol).

That aside, as we sat there waiting for the movie to begin, only about a dozen other people joined us for our Wednesday night showing (; Among them, a goodly portion of tweens. I leaned over to Mark and told him about the cashier at Wal-Mart who went to see it with her tween neice and how she got tired of hearing all the tweens say, "I wish he'd bite me!" "OH! He's SOOO cute!!!" And I mentioned that I don't care HOW cute he is, I'm not interested in being bitten by -any- vampire, thank you.

So, how do we get to the title of this blog from here?

(; When Bella is figuring out he's a vampire, she touches his ice cold hand. I reached over not long after to pat Mark's knee and hold his hand, and a scant couple of seconds later, he gasped and pushed me away. Because I'm hot.

...At least, that's what I've always been told. (lol)

Before we left the house for the movie tonight, I leaned over to my boys, telling them to be good for their Grandpa and rubbed their feet to say good bye and both of them recoiled their feet with my oldest gasping, "Mom! You're HOT!"

So we get home and it's time to put the boys to bed, my oldest read us "Green Eggs and Ham" and did a -fabulous- job I might add! Then I sang them a song and went to give them hugs good night. They decided to go shirtless tonight. And as I hugged my oldest, he cried out "Mom! Your hands are HOT!!!" And as I hugged his little brother, my oldest recoiled on his bed saying, "My arms on fire!" "My arms on fire!" And his little brother sprang away from me saying, "Mom! Your hands are HOT!!!!" and proceeded to roll on his bed claiming his arms were on fire as well.

So I come into the dining room and recount the story to Mark, where he goes to give me a hug saying, "Well, what do you expect (at this point, I put my arms around him and my hands touch his shoulders) when you're a human furnace! (as he quickly escapes said hug)."

Always have been. Freezing cold temps as a kid? My mother would have my sister climb into bed with me to keep her warm... My pets don't snuggle up to me to warm me up-- they snuggle up to me to GET warm. (;

So, I promise, if we ever have the chance of touching hands, you're NOT going to be wondering whether or not I'm a vampire (;

...unless you catch me at my only other temperature, and the one that means I'm sick-- Ice cold.


On an aside-- Twilight was alright. Could have been a made for television movie. I suspect the books are entirely way better. I'll hold complete judgement though until after I've seen it again on DVD. Since there's the very real possibility that what I objected to was a product of the theatre it was shown in. Yes, it's very much for tweens and teens. I'm okay with that. The 'special effects' irritated me. Kind of choppy and a little hodge podge. Looking forward to the second movie, should they decide to proceed with the books.

I had a good time though (: And I shouldn't have worried about the tweens in the theatre at all-- they were all quiet as church mice! I was the loudest person there, laughing to the things I found funny.... Either means I've lost all track of appropriate theatre behavior (which I doubt as no one complained), or I was much more into the movie than anyone else in there (lol).

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