Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Kiss

Okay, so part of what I came across in all those boxes that had been in storage for over a decade is a small plethora of journals. I used to keep them off and on pretty regularly. That probably sounds oxymoronic: "off and on pretty regularly", but it's true. Sometimes (much like my blogging), there's a rash of them. And then long dry spells. But always coming back.

Anyway, I decided I had time today to start rereading one of them. This one happens to be right after I graduated High School, when I was 17, and it was 1995. Came across a poem. I used to fancy myself a poet.

Anyway, at the time, I had a -serious- crush on a boy that I'd crushed on the entire senior school year. We were friends. I was 17 and -very- innocent. It helps that I was a prude, I suppose. Well, come graduation, there was the last summer before college and we started hanging out-- seeing movies, visiting with friends. And finally:

The Kiss

Tears of strong emotion
-sheer joy...
waiting so long for the impossible
-he kissed me!

So unexpected-
So sudden-
I close my eyes
hoping that when they open
he's still there and it wasn't all a dream...

Flash of lightning-
Brilliant colors-
I open my eyes
finding myself in his arms
where I've waited so long to be.

So much alike
So companionable
I was one of the guys
but wishing we were more.

Oh Lespa, sprinkle your dream dust
in mine eyes that I might wake
to find it true-

red clouds...
A memory formed...
and the pumpkin remains a coach.

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