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Lowes, foam board, WIND!!!, carwashing, and lasgna (:

Monday, October 6, 2008

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So I woke up yesterday morning and placed some calls to see where I could get foamboard for beginning my tombstone project-- It's a good thing I called around because the Lowe's in Enterprise was selling the exact same thing as the Home Depot in Dothan, for $3 less! (The Lowes in Dothan was out.)

So I made a list of the supplies I'd need to complete this project, then I filled my car up with gas (so my father in law would be able to drive it after he let me borrow his Suburban (There's no way I was going to be able to bring 4 4'x8' sheets of foamboard home with my car!) and headed over to his house.

Got to Enterpise and realized my list was sitting happily on the counter at home... fortunately for me, just the act of writing something down helps me remember it (; In retrospect, I should have gotten all the small things from throughout the store BEFORE getting the foamboard (lol). Those blue carts for carrying something that large are REALLY loud! And there are all sorts of small displays that take up isle space ALL OVER THE STORE that you can't see through large foamboard sheets until your hitting them (; So, other than an adventure in "don't break the foamboard, or knock over other customers", it was pretty uneventful shopping and I got -everything- on my list (:

Checked out, took it outside...and attempted to put it in the Suburban from the back....Every minute or so, there were the gales of wind that would try to send the foamsheets FLYING-- it was kind of like holding a really big kite. The problem was-- I went to load it into the back of the Suburban and it got hung up on the back chair headrest on one side, and the seatbelt on the other...Now, both would be easy to fix if I just went to the passenger back door and reached in and lifted them....but that would require LETTING GO of the foamboard and walking around the truck-- long enough for the wind to take the 7 feet that were sticking out the back end and run off with them across the parking lot. So that wasn't an option.

Put them back in the cart where the wind didn't play with them quit so much, got out the straps and got them set up on one side of the roof rack because it looked like on top was going to be the only option.... I'm telling you now I fought the wind for -15- minutes getting that foam board ON the roof, and trying to get it to stay there long enough to even CONSIDER trying to strap it down! Just about the time I'm thinking to myself "WHY didn't I ask Mark to come along?!? This is a 4 handed job!!", one of the nice employees from Lowes comes to my aid. Between us, we get it held flat on the roof, and he asks why I don't put it IN the truck...because it's likely I'll be fighting wind the entire way home with it on top and end up breaking it before I get it home. And I realize-- I now have a second pair of hands!! So we get it off the roof and start back into the back, I can hold it in place, while HE went around the passenger side back door and freed it from the previously mentioned imprisonments and VIOLA! Foamboard IN truck and OUT of wind!!! Woo-hoo!!!! I was very thankful for the help as there was no way I could do it by myself (:

So I get home, get the truck unloaded and as I get ready to take it back to my father in law, Mark says "Just leave it here. Dad said he'll bring your car over when he's done. He's cleaning it."

Then I start making dinner-- got Stoffer's lasagna from Wal-Mart, have salad fixings and a loaf of french bread waiting in the fridge to be made. About an hour and a half into the cooking (It takes almost an 2 1/2 to cook), Mark's Dad shows up with my nice shiny clean car! And he and Mark and my little boys all head outside to finish it up (: They used fingernail polish remover to get the pine sap off of my car, and cleaned the windows, dash, and tires. It sure does look nice...and I need to move it out from under the bird feeder where he parked it. (lol) I couldn't resist grabbing my camera to get pictures of all the Wise guys taking care of my car. As long as the photo upload WORKS today (it kept freezing on me yesterday while I was trying to load my pictures), I'll get them and the rest of yesterdays pictures loaded (:

Then I got the garlic bread and salad made, Grandmother to the restroom, then into her wheelchair, and we all of us (Mark, his Dad, Grandmother, my little boys and I) sat down for a delicious Sunday dinner together (: It was a great way to end a wonderful weekend!

And now I have the supplies to start my tombstone project!!! (:

P.S. OH! (lol) Before I forget, when I was showing the foamboard to my father in law, he joked that I should make tombstones for the Republicans, then laughed and said "Maybe not! The neighbors would set them on fire!" (We live in a -very- Republican neighborhood.) But it made me think... I might need to make one that says "Here lies our economy....."

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