Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mom bought new tennis shoes

Okay, so you've probably noticed I've come across a lot of stuff in those boxes. I can largely thank my mother for keeping all this stuff for me (lol). Well, it turns out that I've been a story teller for a -very- long time.

Before I write the story out here, there's some back story. I know I wrote this story when I was in third grade. That would have made me about 8. And I actually remember writing this story. The biggest reasons that I remember it is because I didn't actually follow the directions on the paper, I asked for an additional sheet so that I could continue my story, and I used it to practice writing my cursive.

The directions were to use several words from the word list, though we didn't have to use them all. Then, we were to write five telling sentences. Then arrange or combine sentences. Then write the sentences in a paragraph on another sheet of paper.

So here we go. One of the oldest stories I ever wrote. I've made bold the words I ended up using from the word list, just in case you were curious (lol), and made a couple of spelling/grammatical corrections for readability.

Mom bought new tennis shoes

by Janin Kanoho

One day my mom bought new tennis shoes for me. They are rubber soles. They are red with

green shoelaces. They are comfortable. The next day I was walking my dog in the wood.

And then I saw a flying horse, my dog disappeared! So I ran to the horse and said, "What did you

do with him?" It said, "Nothing. Hop on, you're going for a ride." I was scared so I hopped on its

back and it took off. We were over the clouds. He said, "Hold on." I was excited. He flew to one

of the planets past our solar system and landed on it. He said, "This is where we live." I said,

"You mean there's more of you?!" "Yes, but not at this part of the planet." He said, "Goo-Goo-

Moo-Moo_Maw." And my shoe grew wings. They brought me to the part of the planet. It was

beautiful. Another flying horse said, "Oog-Oog-Oom-Wam." And the wings disappeared, so I

landed. I saw a rainbow river, dragons, unicorns and half-men half-goat. They greeted me. I

went in to the forest and found my dog. We went to their castle. It was a crystal castle. They said

I was to live there, but I didn't know they meant forever. So I moved in. It was beautiful inside. I

went in back and saw apple, orange, lemon, banana, pineapple, and cherry trees. I said it was

time for me to go home. But they wouldn't let me leave. And then I remembered the words to

make my shoes have wings, so I picked up my dog and said, "Goo-Goo-Moo-Moo-Maw," and

flew away back to earth again. And said, "Oog-Oog-Oom-Oom-Wam," and landed on the

sidewalk too hard because I was so high when I said the words. Luckily, I landed on my butt and

my dog was on my lap. My mom woke me up. I went to the shoe store and got my mom's

money back.

Okay, so there are two things I want to note as I was reading through this. First, my teacher didn't try to correct any of the errors-- be they spelling, grammatical, etc. She just let me have the creativity to -write-. I think she was probably a -really- great teacher, though I don't remember her at all. And I say that because she allowed me to not follow the rules, and realized that all the corrections would probably have stifled me. So I really appreciate that she didn't. I would probably not be who I am today, if she had.

The second thing that I noticed is that I was pretty clever there. (lol) The 'magic words' to land are the same words to fly, except written backwards (;

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