Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My first stone vessel

Our very first assignment in sculpture was to select a soapstone and create a vessel. I have to admit, I was -really- nervous about getting started, as I'd never worked in stone before.

When I selected my stone, I didn't see the typical natural bowl in it.

The end result is more like a wasp's nest made in stone. I even left the inside of the piece rough to add to that idea.

I love the natural colors in the stone. When working the stone, you have no idea that it's there under all the stone dust, until after you've cleaned it up and finished it with a clear coat to protect the stone. I also love the rough area as opposed to the worked area.

See the rougher inside? It's not sanded at all.

The curved lip around the edge curves up towards the outsides. I love running my hands along the edge from the top to the bottom. So do my kids. It just calls to be touched.

When I started this piece, the idea was to create a piece for my coffee table (: (lol) There's actually a bit of a story to that. See, about 10 years ago, I had an absolutely lovely ceramic bowl with holes that was for my coffee table. I'd bought it in Missouri.

But my husband is clumsy and killed my beautiful bowl. For 10 years, I searched in vain for something to replace my 'holey bowl'. And as soon as I placed this on the coffee table, Mark looked at me, smiled and said, "You've replaced your bowl!"

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