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No use crying over spilled milk shake

Thursday, November 27, 2008

No use crying over spilled milk shake

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Since tomorrow will be all about the cooking, I opted to go buy ready made dinner tonight. While we were discussing our options, we didn't want pizza, though it's by far the cheapest choice. Generally speaking, going to any other fast food restaurant guarantees we're going to spend at LEAST $25 to feed all 5 of us (Mark, the boys, Grandmother and me).

I'm not all that big a fan of our local McDonald's. They're notorious for being out of things and screwing up our orders. So I recommended Wendy's. We like their food, and they have much better shakes. And I had alterior motives (lol). But once I mentioned the shakes to all 3 of my guys, it was a go!

So what's the alterior motive you ask? Well, back in September when my oldest started football, we were required to get them the football pants with built in soft padding. I bought 2 different once to see which the coach meant, not realizing before I was checking out that they were $25 a piece! Before that, I figured he could wear the other pair to practices-- but AFTER that, as soon as I found out which was the right ones, I returned the other ones.

They have a 10 day waiting period on checks, and since Hibbetts isn't a store I frequent more than twice in a year, I went ahead with the gift card, figuring we'd be back in the spring when soccer or baseball season began.

Well, about a week ago, I got a flyer in the mail from them with a coupon for $10 off starting today through the 30th. And my oldest has been begging me to get him an Alabama football team shirt. So I figured it would be a great chance to use the coupon, get rid of the card, and get my son the "something to wear" portion of this years Christmas gift.

When I walked in, the clerk was very nice and asked if I needed any help, and showed me where the youth Alabama clothing was. I decided to get him a $17 t-shirt and a $30 hoodie, figuring with the coupon and card, I'd only have to pay about $10 after taxes. So I headed over to the cash register, everything ready and it turned out the hoodie was on sale for $20! I didn't have to spend a penny! Woo-hoo!!! My lucky day!

Then I drove across the parking lot to Wendy's. (lol) This is where the alterior motive comes in, as they share the same parking lot, while McDonald's is completely at the other end of the strip (;

Placed our order-- 6 plain with cheese, large, with a large vanilla shake. 8, large, with a vanilla floaty Mr. Pibb. Bacon chicken salad with a small vanilla shake. Kids meal cheese burger, with fries and a vanilla shake. Kids meal cheese burger, with fries and a chocolate shake. Total $35.

So as I drive around, before I pay, I asked the cashier to read it back to me to make sure they'd gotten in, since she didn't confirm like they usually do. And she had it perfectly! I was so pleased! And as I was smiling at her, she couldn't help but smile back ((:

I can only say in retrospect that I wish the guy working the delivery portion had done as well. First, he put all 5 drinks in a single caddy. That meant the largest shake was in the center, not really sitting in anything, precariously balanced between the rest of the shakes...and oddly, one of the shakes had 2 cherries, for no discernable reason.

So I head away with our orders, one hand on the the caddy that is sitting on the cup holder section of Mark's car, as all the food is in the chair with the Hibbett's bag and my purse.

And this is where I made a poor judgement call. I came to the stop sign leading out--and there was a car coming my way. I could have waited. I perhaps -should- have waited.... I didn't wait. And that one hand wasn't enough to stop those shakes from flipping onto my right hip. So there I am-- not stopping because now I have that car gaining on my tail and there's not actually a place to turn over, my hip getting gradually colder every second, swearing at myself as I set as many of the shakes right as I can while STILL driving. Get to the stop sign at the top of the hill, righting the last 2 shakes to discover we've lost both of those 2 extra cherries and that the top portion of Mark's shake is now in my drink, in my youngest's drink, in my pocket, on my coat, and running down the side of the driver's seat....

At that point, I figured, "Well... I can't change it from here." So I drove home, holding 3 of the four drinks with fingers to better balance the cup holder to make sure it didn't happen again. When I got home, I honked, never once letting go of the drinks. My oldest dashed out and I asked him to get his Daddy. Mark came out, took the drinks from me, then came back for the food. And my oldest dashed to my car for the paper towel. (: He's such a good helper!

In about 10 minutes, I had it all cleaned up, and came in to get myself unsticky and divy up dinner for everyone.... which is when I discovered my youngest had no cheeseburger. Nope. But he DID have 2 toys. (lol) So he was happy. He hardly ever eats the burger anyway. And I've gotten used to having to get a 5th straw as they never put one in there. None of the fast food places around here do.

And everyone enjoyed their meals. And my kids enjoyed their toys. And I didn't let any of it ruin my day (: It really does make a difference not getting upset over the little things. And I still consider it my lucky day because I got to spend it with my family, we had a meal we enjoyed, I got a great deal on a much wanted Christmas present, and I got to go out on a movie date with my honey ((:

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