Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Peddler (:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So this evening, my oldest saw his best friend outside riding her bike and wanted to ride his. Of course, as soon as I said yes and he started putting his shoes on, his little brother wanted to go as well (;

So after I got his helmet on him, I took him up the hill of our driveway and onto the quiet road infront of our house and pulled him around twice. But the training wheels had been raised on this bike when my oldest was starting to learn to balance, and I got tired of it rocking back and forth, so it was a trip back down to the carport for a wrench. Lowered the training wheels so no more rocking, and pushed him back up the hill-- where my little boy started to peddle complete on his own!

He'll be 3 in the middle of next month, and can peddle on a big boy bike all by himself! It was really impressive and cool (: Now, we have to work controlling the handle bars, turning, using the brakes -properly-, and balancing (; If we keep up with it, I'm sure he'll be like his big brother, and riding a bike sans training wheels at 4!

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