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Pimple of Doom

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Pimple of Doom
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Okay, as the subject line should warn you, if you have a vivid imagination and a weak stomache you might want to not read this blog.

LOL-- that said, this blog begins with my children playing the xbox Indian Jones and wanting to watch the movies that go with it. So I pull one out and my oldest asks "What's it called?" So I tell him "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." And he says "Cool. Pimple of Doom."

Turns out Pimple of Doom isn't cool. It sucks. 6 weeks ago, my dear sweet husband got an ingrown hair on his bum. Went to the doctor-- "You have an ingrown hair causing a cyst."... Turns out Staph runs pretty rampant at his work, and said ingrown hair became a MRSA cyst-- because a week later, our oldest got one on his bum...and a week after that, I got one on mine. But we were still working on the premise that my honey had had an ingrown hair, so we figured the rest of us were a result of the air conditioning going out and it being too hot to be outside-- sweat and sitting around too much, so we didn't pay it much attention, and treated them at home-- warm washclothes to draw out the pus, squeezing and cleaning up the resulting pussy messes, antibiotic ointment and guaze pads changed frequently with frequently cleaning. Makes sitting a bitch.

So just about the time my youngest and I are healing up, my husband gets a second one on his bum...a week later, my oldest gets a second one, and about 4 days after that, I did too. NOW, there's a warning going off in my head that says THIS isn't ingrown hairs!

So I took my oldest to the doctor on Thursday last week-- got the results back yesterday and we are confirmed for MRSA.

Why does that ring a bell you say? Why does it sound like something you've heard of? Because a couple of years ago, it was making headlines as the new flesh eating bacteria.

Don't worry. That's only about .4% of cases it turns out. MOST people who get it end up with skin infections. The pediatrician said he's had over 20 cases of it this month-- and 4 of those had to be hospitalized because they'd gotten so bad. What's "new" about this particular staph infection is it clusters-- a child comes in with it one month, and the next, it's the other child, the mother, father, uncle, etc. (As happened in our house.)

SO-- now my oldest is taking antibiotics for it, I went into the doctor this morning loaded with information-- and they're going to take a culture, but are pretty sure it's MSRA as well, so we're treating me for it too-- and here's the funny thing. The one that when the pediatrician said it, I raised my eyebrows and looked at him kind of funny. They gave us ointment that not only goes on the skin where the cyst is, it also for putting on a q-tip and rubbing a thin layer on the inside of our noses. Not just mine. Not just my oldest. ALL of our noses. Everyone in the house. Because the staph bacteria lives in the nasal cavity-- and to clear it out of the house and end the cycle, we have to kill the bateria in the nose. LOL-- so all of us are getting q-tipped up the nose twice a day for the next 10 days.

Pimples of Doom indeed. Ick.

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