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Projects! Projects! Projects!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Current mood: productive

Or "Spring is in the Air" (;

I may or may not have mentioned before that I've been planning a garden for the past 6 months (lol). From past experience, I know I can't get things to grow out of the ground worth a dang. Unless of course I completely ignore them and they're maintenance free (lol). But give me a pot, and I can grow pretty much -anything-.

So I started my front yard flowers today. Bought 8 box planters (in 2 different sizes, alternating to fill out the space I want) for my bulbs and 3 different types of wild flowers (and as annuals become available, I'll put them in there to fill between (: ) I planted roughly 240 bulbs (lol). Advantages to buying them in 20 bulb packs! And am very much looking forward to them coming in, as well as the wildflowers I sowed over the top of it (:

Hoping it will inspire Mark to work on making my raised platforms this weekend so they can actually go where I want them (; Right now, they're in front of the holly bushes, but when I have the platforms, they'll be behind them and closer to the house.I also recycled 3 of our round planters from the last 2 years that have just been sitting in the yard. Put them right up to the 3 verticle scroll work rails in the front yard so the morning glories will have something to climb (:

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how I want to creat something for my climbing vegetables. Not particularly interested in spending $40 just to have something for them to climb. Might just go with a couple of well placed fishing lines (;

Going to put the climbing fruit/ vegetables on the side of the house, as it gets the most sunlight in a day.And already have a spot in the backyard I'm going to set up to try to grow the other vegetables. Mark's Dad planted in the same spot for the last 2 years-- but planted them directly in the ground-- half of them never produced, and of the half that did, a good portion of them were diseased or spoiled. Seriously-- we don't have the kind of soil for growing edibles in the ground at our house.

I'm also working on an SCA project. And just the idea last night for what I want to do to make Mark and I court garb (: It was actually a dream (lol). I remembered having researched medieval Hungarian court garb before-- this time, I dreamed it in fabrics I like (: Just have to save up to cover the cost of the materials before I can begin (:

(lol) Can always tell when Spring is coming-- I start working on projects for myself, both mundanely and SCAdian, start working on projects for my house and family, and start working on projects for my shire (;

On the down side-- in the middle of an icky cold ): I do pretty alright during the day, but it gets worse at night. Head cold. Had a fever on Sunday. Broke yesterday. But at least it's not slowing me down (much) on my projects (:And Mark smashed his thumb way the hell with a hammer at work today. Betting he's going to lose the nail. Hoping not, but we'll see.

And I'm very pleased with my St. Patrick's Day decorations (: Got them up yesterday, after taking the Valentine's decorations down. I might not much care for this house, nor location, but I sure do like the front picture window. PERFECT for holiday decoration displays (: And plenty of light for someone who's a fan of natural lighting (:

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