Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Psychic Armor

So in sculpture class, our final assignment was called "Psychic Armor". The idea is that jewelry is what we wear as a protective aura. It was pretty much left open to our interpretation after that.

And I decided I wanted hair jewelry. The original idea was for things to wear with belly dancing garb, but after I made them, I discovered I liked dressing up and wearing them with regular clothes as well (:

This was the first piece I created.

and the idea behind the second. Together, they look like this when worn:

My next idea was for coins that could be braided into my hair:

And the final design that I did for class:

Combined, they can be worn in a variety of beautiful styles:

The headband is a modified dance belt that I had extra pieces from.

Before my friend Jeanie volunteered to model my hair jewelry, I was trying it out on myself with a couple of other styles.

And my absolute favorite way to wear them with regular clothing:

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