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Rainbows are the sunshine playing in the rain (:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

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That was the thought I had this morning while goofing off with Mark when the sun peaked through the storms we're having today. There was just a moment of sunshine and then it got dark again, but it made me smile (:

I just headed outside to see how my plants faired in the weather. Pleased to see they all did well, especially considering how heavy that rain is! And also glad to see I was justified in putting my pots up on bricks (: The guys gave me a hard time about that-- but some of that rain water got up to a fraction below the top of those bricks!

(as seen from the front door)

I'm also glad I decided to put my shoes on and take plant pictures. The decision came about because my backyard pot of morning glories and moon flowers has started to sprout (:

But in the process of checking on everything-- I discovered that Mark's shed was getting flooded!

Leaves and debris had formed, blocking the path the water needs to take so it doesn't end up standing at the door-- and there was about 4 inches standing at the door ): Once Mark got it cleared, the water just flowed away. Very fortunately, my honey didn't have much of anything sitting on the floor of his shed that could be damaged by water-- a couple of card board boxes and a roll of paper. Everything is fine. Worse thing is the layer of mud. All in all, pretty fortunate. We had just enough time to notice it and fix it before the rain started up again.

OH! And I also wanted to mention my oldest son (: His school is now considered a "Renaissance Reading School"! My first grader, who learned how to read this year, has already read -55- books! He is part of a Master Reader Classroom, and well on his way to reading at a near third grade level. We're so proud of him!! I was telling him the other day, as I grabbed one of my paperbacks for enjoyment, that as he gets better at reading, he's welcome to borrow his Daddy and my books to enjoy himself (: He's very excited about that (:

And this afternoon, we headed down to Dothan and the Northside Lowes to get ceiling fans for the living room, the boys bedroom, and our bedroom. All 3 of the old ones shake, but the 2 in the bedrooms also rattle and practically act like they want to leap from the ceiling! That and they're all at least 20 years up... So we chose ones that better suit us (: We also got all sorts of grass seed, and tomorrow morning, I'm going to zip over to Wal-Mart to get some boxes of a variety of wild flowers and seed the yards. The heavy rains should be over in our area, and I think I'll have time to get it done before heading to Dothan for the monthly Shire Meeting.

When we got home, Mark got the first of the fans replaced-- the one in the living room (: It's lovely! It doesn't hang so low into the room. It's MUCH quieter (You don't have to turn the volume up on the television when you turn it on!) and it has 3 less lights and still manages to provide better lighting without blinding you in the process ((: VERY pleased with it (: Oh! (lol) Before I forget (; When he got it all up and done and ready to test-- it wasn't balanced-- and they provided those weights you can put on the blades to help-- but from where I was sitting, it didn't matter WHICH blade you put it on-- it was still rocking... So I picked up the instruction manual and it suggested "switching the blades on the opposite sides". I thought it was total BS, but I suggested it because I can't stand seeing those weights on the blades-- especially a brand new fan for goodness sake!... Well Mark did it, and amazingly, it actually WORKED! Go figure! (:

(the new fan)

(the old one-- banished to the carport (; )

Tomorrow, Mark is going to get an identical one put up in our room. And my oldest was allowed to choose the one in their room because when the day comes that the boys have their own rooms-- that room will be his, and his brother can choose a fan for his room, when it is his room.

Some of my flowers in the front pots took quite a beating...I don't know if my wild flowers are actually going to make it... if they do, they're WAY hardier than I anticipate. I went ahead and left the water be though, because they'd have been flooded even worse if I'd actually planted them in the ground.

And my front morning glories/ moon flowers are starting to get long enough to start curling!!!

As are some of my summer squash and some of the cucumbers ((:

Going to have to add some dirt to the left side of the 'experimental garden' tomorrow-- the roots of the first corn plant are now exposed...and most of the sprouting watermelon (or cantelope) washed down... We'll see if any of them make it. If not, I'll try again in April.

And my grape is doing fine (:

As is my blackberry:

And the boys flower gardens (: I actually think they enjoyed the rain ((:

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