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The ramblings of a sleep deprived mind

Monday, August 18, 2008
The ramblings of a sleep deprived mind
Current mood: amused

I haven't been getting much in the way of sleep lately. Mostly my fault. Should go to bed earlier, since I -know- I have to be up earlier. But in addition to that Grandmother has done her full voice talking in the wee hours of the morning twice since. And the only thing consistent for all instances is she finally turned her side table light off. 98% of the time, she leaves it on constantly-- all day, all night. It doesn't affect whether or not she's going to go to sleep. But the three times she's done the "Wake Janin up in the middle of the night (because she's talking in almost a yell)" she's turned that light off. I'm thinking that in the dark, she doesn't know where she is. She can't see all her pictures. Her visual clue that she's where she's supposed to be. That she's among her own things. No, Grandmother doesn't have alzheimers...but she does have periodic dillusions. And the dark seems to be the trigger. So -anyway- real point of all this is: Janin isn't getting much sleep. (;

For those of you that've been around me, by about the third day of so little sleep, I start getting pretty amusing. And easily entertained. So yesterday, I headed for my friend's Lynne's house to continue working on gonfallon's for the shire. I stopped at Wal-Mart to get a couple of last minute supplies and grab myself something to eat-- so it's 8:30 in the morning, and I'm headed for the deli section. Where I come across this delightful thing called "Wing Dings". If you've never had them, the best way to describe them in Fried Chicken Mini-mes. (:

So I'm driving (going to be doing so for the next hour and half), eating my Mini-me fried chicken, drinking a coke and thinking about PMS and my friend Cat's blog. (lol). She just recently started a post for PMS friendly recipes. And the first one is about barbequed wings. And it got me thinking-- Veganism was probably thought up by a guy. This is how I figure it: We're omnivores by design, right? And I have yet to meet a woman that doesn't go seriously carnivore by inclination once a month. So vegans, though there are women who have figured out how to be them, strikes me as a male concept in origin (; Me, I tend towards carnivore with a penchant for bread and pasta ALL the time. But Cat's right, once a month, I get some serious cravings for meat. Some months, I'm all about the chicken. Other's it's pork. But for me, most frequently, it's beef. Steak as a preference, but any will do (lol).

So, driving along, having these thoughts, when I realize my youngest has been in my front seat again. He's infamous for changing the time on the clock. It's now running about 45 minutes ahead of actual time. And I go to turn on my prefered radio stations to find that NONE of my regulars are there-- they've all been changed. (Aside-- I've had a couple of my friends tell my my profile page music player is full of "old" songs (good ones, mind you, but old) and wondering if I even know any newer songs. So I created a new player that I've loaded into my blog with things I like from the last 2 decades. The one on my Profile is a collection of some of my favorite songs (lol). I keep it that way so when I want to dance around while making dinner, I can just load up my profile and have 100 songs to choose from that I KNOW I like (; ) So I spend the next half hour finding my stations again and reprogramming them in to the saved settings.

Then I gave Mark a call. [My poor sweet husband knew I was going to be heading out early. But when I left at 8:30, the boys and I had only been awake for about 20 minutes. So no one was fed. I was the only dressed. Grandmother wouldn't even be awake for another hour. Pretty much, he was left to do what I do (; In addition to that, he fixed the front glass/screen door! It's an old door, and my kids aren't particularly kind to it, but the slider thingy was comign out the door part and had caused undue stress the the frame where it was screwed into the jam-- until it completely busted the jam up at that point and came out. So Mark made a new jam, fixed the door, painted everything with a fresh coat (it's looks very nice!) then put it all together. My baby sure is handy (: Anyway, so as I was leaving at 8:30, the kids were in the living room watching their shows and really starting to wake up, and Mark was still laying in bed, hoping to be asleep. As I let him know the kids would need to be fed and Grandmother attended, a mumbling voice rises from the bedding to tell me "I disapprove" in a partially amused, greatly sleepy. And all the political ads that have been on television passes through my head and out my lips "So this message is disapproved by Mark Wise, sleepy husband?" with a giggle as I head out the door.] And I make sure he's awake, give him some advice on feeding everyone, and let him know I should be headed home around 5 that evening.

So I make it to Marianna, my musings keeping me company along the way, and realize that even though I've been to her house half a dozen times, with ME driving.... I don't actually know where it is. (lol) Previously, she's always had a white sign out with the words SCA painted on it. I didn't know her house number, and the directions she's posted don't do me any good "Go 4 miles past the cross roads of 71 and 90." That would be excellent directions...except that the mileage gauges on my car haven't worked since a month after we got it, and that was over 2 years ago. So I'm driving along, figure I got lost in my musings and listening to the music again, when I notice there sure are a lot of land for sale signs around here.... and that I didn't remember seeing several of those businesses... and I -certaintly didn't remember the gas station.... So my -first- thought was "Wow!.... They sure have done a lot of building in the last month...." followed almost immediately by the thought "No...wait...that doesn't make sense". So I called Lynne. (lol) Turns out I'd over passed her house by almost 10 minutes.

Anyway, once I got there, she and I had a great time. It turned out it was only the two of us. Trying to give anyone else who might show up time to do so, we watched some bellydancing performances from my dvd collection (She's also interested in trying bellydancing out!) and I got to show off some of my drumming rhythm collections I've been working on (:

So we spent most of the day making the templates for the stencils. We made 10 in total. By the time we were done, there wasn't enough time left in the day to PAINT any of the gonfallons (It's a type of banner), let them dry and paint again, so we just moved on to the next part of the project. Finished the prep work for the other half of the gonfallons and we completed a single one, so that we'll have one to hang on the pole at this month's shire meeting. Going to try to get one of each of the painted ones finished by this weekend (since I have all week, all the supplies and would really like to be able to show people what they're supposed to look like). And to help with the cost of gas, we'll save working on them for the shire meeting in September, cause really, painting can be done anywhere.

Through out the day, I got to have even more wings-- semi spicy, which turned out not to be spicy at all-- just very flavorful and delicious, and teriyaki, which were AMAZINGLY good...and not something my local Wal-Mart carries (; Guess it's a Marianna Wal-Mart specialty. And Lynne and I didn't get that one gonfallon done until 8:30! (lol) I called Mark a little before 8 to tell him I should be getting ready to leave in about 15 minutes (to which is responded with a knowing "mmm-hmm. Where have I heard -that- before?") and to ask him to help our oldest complete his homework, since I wasn't going to be home before he needed to be in bed. When I tried to call on my way home, turns out my honey has just a much a sense of humor as I, because the first thing I saw was a voice message of my honey trying not to laugh as he tells my voice mail "You're LATE!" (; Anyway, the long and the short of it was that yesterday was a lot of fun, and Lynne and I got a lot accomplished, and even though it would have gone -much- faster with even just one more other person to help, 3 hours late is much better than some of these projects have been (lol).

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